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[UFO Archive] September 2008

Note: Because UFOTOWN is closing, I’ve decided to archive Zhou Mi’s many UFO replies. All UFO replies have been taken directly from ufotown.cn. This is not a complete archive; some have not been translated because they are repetitive (“WHY WON’T YOU REPLY TO ME?? YOU’RE TERRIBLE” “I’m not terrible!”) or boring/pointless (“You replied to me!!!” “I’ll try to come on to UFO more often~”) or uninteresting to everyone except the fan (“Did you see me today?” “Yes!”).

☆☆☆ via:
Zhou Mi is Ultraman~ oh~ haha~ I love Zhou Koala~~ When are you coming back to Wuhan~~ when you do I’ll treat you~ hoho~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Ultraman, ha!! I always want to go back to Wuhan to visit, and for delicious re gan mian [lit. hot dry noodles, an Wuhanese specialty dish]…
☆☆☆ 小YoYo (Little YoYo):
Zhou Mi, if you don’t reply to me, I’m going to take Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Han Geng, Siwon, Donghae, Little H, and Niqiu, and tie them all up. I’m really getting angry.
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Tying them all up at once…. impressive!

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