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[Fansite] 090124 Zhou Mi Baidu Bar New Year Greetings + Sneak Comments

My dear Honeys~~ Happy New Year! Koala is here!!

Hello everyone! I made sure to come here to wish you all a happy new year the day before.. I wouldn’t forget such an important date! After taking part in SUPER SHOW in Nanjing, I came back to my hometown of Wuhan. It just so happened that we have no schedules during this Chinese New Year period, so all the members took days off and went home to celebrate hehe~ we get a whole week! <Henry should be in Taiwan getting ready to celebrate.. hehe little rascal>

Previously a lot of you asked me about Chinese New Year performances, but this year, because of a certain few reasons, M will probably not be able to take part in any Chinese New Year recordings, though we’ll be busy again after the holiday. Aside from SMTOWN in Thailand, we’ll also have a special task to do…… ^_^ I won’t tell you for now, I’ll let you be surprised later!

It’s been a long time since I last came back to Wuhan, and this time I’ve gotten to eat re gan mian [literally “hot dry noodles,” an Wuhanese specialty] again, speak Wuhanese, and look at my old high school, middle school. I feel so at home. Especially since the past three years, I wasn’t able to spend Chinese New Year with my family, so I’m so happy I was able to find the time to come back!

I remember last year on Chinese New Year, I was still in Korea preparing for our album, recording every little thing… and in a flash M has been active for almost a year. Mama said that the happiest thing for her this year was being able to see me debut, and I want to say that the happiest thing that happened to me was meeting you guys! My Honeys! Because of your support, I gained the confidence to face everything head-on, and you made me realize all of you are so cute~ Every time I see you I try to remember every single smiling face, and every Honey’s name, so here the koala (me) would like to thank everyone for this year of support >..< In a few days I'll have to rush back to Korea. This stretch of M promotions will also end, hehe everyone, don't worry! Because we'll start recording our second album in April... I'll look forward to it with everyone! ^_^ But before it ends we'll still have a fanmeeting, once again in my hometown of Wuhan.. hehe to Shen Mi and [Zhou Mi] Family in Wuhan, Honeys, I'll be able to meet with you again then :) I still remember last time in Shanghai you gave me so many duck necks and dry noodles, heeheehee... thank you, all of you! This time, coming back to Wuhan, I wanted to spend more time with my family, so I wasn't able to frequently come online and reply to your UFOs (Well, the biggest reason was.. I couldn't get online, period..) so I found the time today to report my attendance.. don't be mad, everyone!! :) Finally, I'd like to wish to all my dear Honeys!! Happy New Year~!! HAPPY "NIU" YEAR~~!! [Note: “Niu” is Chinese for “ox.” 2009 was the year of the Ox.]

Have a great new year with your family!

From, the koala that loves you..

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[UFO Archive] January 2009

Note: Because UFOTOWN is closing, I’ve decided to archive Zhou Mi’s many UFO replies. All UFO replies have been taken directly from ufotown.cn. Repetitive and/or intensely boring messages have been omitted. In January, Zhou Mi sent a huge number of individual “[Name], Happy New Year!” replies that don’t carry unique messages, which haven’t been translated.

☆☆☆ minhee: JAN01
Zhou Mi gege, did you see our fansign at the airport? Hehe~ happy new year~ Those two “Mi” boards were pretty, right? I designed them myself~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe, I did see! They were very pretty~ thank you! Happy New Year..
☆☆☆ angel’s charity: JAN01
Hey Mi, what are you doing! It’s cold, dress warm, take care of yourself. I love you!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
I just got back to Beijing… I have another event in the afternoon.. happy new year!

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