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[UFO Archive] March 2009 (58 Replies)

Note: Because UFOTOWN is closing, I’ve decided to archive Zhou Mi’s many UFO replies. All UFO replies have been taken directly from ufotown.cn. Repetitive and/or intensely boring messages have been omitted.

☆☆☆ geng’s smile: MAR01
Zhou Mi gege, join our Lunatic Troop. We left the VIP No. 0 spot for you~ and look forward to your membership! — Lunatic Troop #23, smile
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe looks like there are a lot of people in the lunatic troop!
☆☆☆ mi’s baobei: MAR01
Zhou Mi ge~!! I’m Lunatic Troop No. 3 Baobei, wahaha, hello Leader Zhou Mi! Come visit the Lunatic Troop’s thread more often!!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Mi’s Baobei is number 3?! Hehehe yes yes indeed, I am the leader
☆☆☆ lu da: MAR01
Zhou Mi. Are your little Niqiu and Liyin’s Shunzi friends. ==Have you been shocked by my question== I am also shocked by my asking this question== Is the reason I never get replies because I keep picking the wrong times to send you messages?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Liyin’s Shunzi… hehe how come I didn’t know! I need to call her and ask!! Hehe~ Niqiu’s getting a friend
☆☆☆ yang de xiao sha gua MAR01
TO Mi, out so late and still walking around? There are lots of vagrants out at night, you have to be careful! And thank you once again for your wishes~~~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Uh… how did you know I went out today? Hehe I went to Xidan Shopping Center [(website) a shopping center in Beijing.], where I used to go to all the time in high school… it’s been such a long time since I went…
☆☆☆ mitang xueli (honey snow pear): MAR01
Zhou Mi. All you do is ignore me. Mean, mean~~~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
[Zhou Mi replied with two messages.]
(1) I’m not ignoring you… it’s just that I didn’t see Xueli’s messages! …hehe good thing I’m seeing them now
(2) Mitang Xueli [“xueli” means snow pear], I love papaya snow pear syrup hehehehehe
☆☆☆ xiaomi: MAR01
Zou Mi ge, I’m so happy, I don’t even know what to say. Did you see me in Shanghai? I was wearing pink glasses. Ge is really good-looking. Too bad I didn’t get the autographed shirt, but in the future I’ll come see you all the time~ Xiaomi
★★★ ZHOU MI:
….Xiaomi hello! Next time bring me a shirt and I’ll autograph it for you!
☆☆☆ xiaomi: MAR01
Zhou Mi ge, I missed it again, there’s no February 29 this year, so I don’t get a birthday. Give me your birthday wishes please, lately there’s been no news of you, I miss you, ~Xiaomi
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Ah~ poor Xiaomi! I still need to wish you a happy birthday, so here, I’d like to give you a February 29! You have to be happy!
☆☆☆ maymei: MAR01
Zhou Xiaomi, when I got your response I was super happy, super excited, but you know what I was doing when it arrived? I was watching A Ghost is Calling [Official title: One Missed Call], so when my phone suddenly rang it scared me to DEATH. You owe me.
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Haha you thought a ghost was calling didn’t you?!
☆☆☆ sapphire blue waters gengmi: MAR01
Zhou Damimimi! If you keep ‘cultivating yourself’ you’ll become a fairy! Come out! Stop lurking haha! Honeys miss you! (99 misses you like crazy!) BY:99
★★★ ZHOU MI:
I’m out I’m out!! I’m here, I’m here! Hehehe I missed you guys too, our dorm’s internet likes to misbehave….
☆☆☆ maymei: MAR01
Zhou Xiaomi, I just realized what the scope of what I’ve done for you is totally insignificant! I’m not nearly as good as any Honey. Actually, at the beginning, I hated you, heh, I was so ignorant then, but now watching you mature daily is so moving. Jiayou~~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe, it’s all right. I wasn’t mature then either, everyone is slowly growing up! We must learn to accept all sorts of different voices :) But seeing your message makes me very happy, I’m glad you support me, thank you
☆☆☆ mask meimei: MAR01
Zhou Mimimimimi, my wife ^^ It’s Sunday, are you still working? Don’t work too hard, if you get the chance take a break and come reply to me. Hehe! I miss you~ you never miss me (cries) I don’t want that – mask meimei
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehehe Mask meimei is a little stutterer…. Zhou Mi. Mi. Mi. Mi. Mi…. hehe
☆☆☆ mask meimei: MAR01
Zhou Mi my wife -__- You’re out of line! You came over here and didn’t even tell anyone, and also I was stuttering because I MISSED you. My adorable wife, you’ve gotten dumb ^ ^ But I’ll still love you — mask meimei
★★★ ZHOU MI:
hehe~~~~ Mask meimei…. mei… mei… meimei….. mei………….. hehe~
☆☆☆ yang de xiao sha gua: MAR01
TO Mi, good morning~ I’ve gotten two replies from you in the past 24 hours, my little girl’s heart can’t take it~and also, that you went shopping at Xidan is an open secret now, you didn’t know? Hehe~~ time to get up and have breakfast! From: Xue
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe yesterday while shopping two fans appeared out of nowhere and called me “Mimi” hehe, I said hi, I was so happy! Everyone is so friendly
☆☆☆ li xiaomiao: MAR01
Mr. Mi. I am Lunatic Troop No. 7 Li Xiaomiao. You really wanna be the Lunatic Troop leader, doncha. Haha but you CAN’T. Because you’re not lunatic enough.
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Yes, but I already applied and was accepted, I am Lunatic Troop No. 0 Leader HAHA
☆☆☆ angel’s charity: MAR01
Zhou Xiaomi, my Zhou Xiami [Prawn], you’re ignoring NaNa again, I’m going to go sit in a corner now… what are you shutting yourself up for? Are you writing a love letter to me? Haha~~~~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehehe yes, a love letter as long as the sea..
☆☆☆ xinzifu: MAR02
Zhou Mi, would you say that in life, nothing ever happens according to wishes? Sometimes I feel as though living is so tiring!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Of course life entails some unhappy things, but what’s most important is learning to be optimistic! A positive-thinking attitude is very important!
☆☆☆ ilovejr: MAR01
Mimi ge~ it hurts! You replied to my Italian friend but ignored me~ can you sing Wang Leehom’s songs in the future? I’m in Melbourne, there are lots of koalas here! Hehe °▽°~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hello! *ilovejr* I really like Wang Leehom’s music, hehe because of me Ryeowook’s a Leehom fan now too. Okay, next time I’ll sing Wang Leehom for you.
☆☆☆ geng’s wisteria: MAR01
Zhou Mi ge, there are 99 days until college entrance exams… but my studies are just not improving… I’m so tired, body and mind, and the pressure on me is enormous….. I don’t know what the outcome will be… I’m afraid something bad will happen…
★★★ ZHOU MI:
If you work hard you’ll have no regrets… because you already did all you could. Don’t pay too much attention to the result, and if you really work hard you may just surprise yourself!
☆☆☆ xiaozhi: MAR01
Zhou Mi ge~ Xiaozhi is working overtime, I’m so tired! Recently I heard a song called “More than Existing, Less than Living” [Song by Taiwanese rock band Mayday: MV] It’s pretty apropos of my situation. Anyway I’m veering off-topic, ge, take care, drink more water, I’ve gotten sick too
★★★ ZHOU MI:
More than Existing, Less Than Living? There’s a song like this? I’ll go look. Xiaozhi, you have to take care of yourself!
☆☆☆ hanqiao: MAR02
Zhou Mi, are people really only attracted to appearance? I know that I’m not attractive when I’m fat, but I also have self-respect, and I like to make myself up to be pretty, so why does everyone laugh at me? You’ve seen me, am I really that ugly?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
No, self-confident people are the most beautiful! You may have to endure different opinions, but the final decision belongs to you. True happiness is your own happiness, you don’t live to make other people happy! Only you.
☆☆☆ ciel: MAR02
Zhou Mi gege: what sort of books do you usually read? If you are praised smile; if you are insulted, smile; approach all issues with calm, positive or negative. Jiayou!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
I actually like reading business books for white collar workers hehe… and my greatest loves, Reader’s and Youth Digest (Qing Nian Wen Zhai)! As for everything else, if I see something I like I’ll read it!
☆☆☆ huali haekyu: MAR02
Mi ge are you online? When’s your flight on the sixth? I haven’t gotten the chance to give you my gift yet! Hurry and tell me so I can give it to you
★★★ ZHOU MI:
The sixth, I don’t know either :) They haven’t told me yet. You don’t have to spend money on me!
☆☆☆ doudou: MAR09
Zhou Mi gege, you’re back, ge, but you’re still ignoring Doudou. Have you shut yourself up writing again?! Has ge become a cute little panda? ^^ Is little panda Zhou Mi gege not planning on coming out to play ^^ -doudou
★★★ ZHOU MI:
That’s right!! I’ve shut myself up at home and am working hard on writing.. hehe I just keep thinking and thinking..
☆☆☆ mitang xueli: MAR09
Zhou Mimi, get online and look at the videos I took! They’re on the bar, and before you look at them you should prepare yourself…… I’m afraid they’ll shock you! Did you see our lightboards?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
I saw you guys… oh, I have something to tell you, when we were driving into the venue I was looking at all the signs and banners outside.. I was so happy! Thank you everyone, you worked hard! Hehe only I saw!!
☆☆☆ music-ying : MAR09
Oh Mi ge.. language class is so boring… talk to me.. you’ve never responded to me before,,, everyone says you’re so good to them… but how come I’ve never seen that,,
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Oh?! You say I’m no good? Then I’m not talking to you…
☆☆☆ xiaowenzi: MAR09
Zhou Mi~ you did so well at Super Show in Chengdu, your smile was so radiant~ now take a break~ lately the flu’s been going around and I’ve caught it too~ I’ve lost so much weight my stomach’s gone completely flat~ you have to watch out~ xiaowenzi~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Xiaowenzi, my body’s pretty weak, if I’m not feverish then I have a cold, so I always have to watch out!!! hehe
☆☆☆ hong kong honey SO: MAR09
Zhou Mi ge, aside from SJ’s members, what other artists in SM are you close to? When you’re in Korea you have to get closer to your coworkers ^^
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Liyin, BlackBeat hyungs, and Isak noona, and Ayoomi noona, hehe all our artists are like family, everyone is close! SO
☆☆☆ hong kong honey SO: MAR09
Have you ever considered getting a cat? Cats are easier, and they’re very clean. You don’t have to walk them, either. So I’m looking for a friend for my [cat] JEEP) – SO
★★★ ZHOU MI:
SO~ hello!!! Little Niqiu is enough for us.. hehe lately he’s gotten sick, it’s so sad! The last time I saw him was in December, it’s been so long.. :)
☆☆☆ the cutest bug: MAR09
Zhou Mi yah~ are you up yet? Heehee, I’m up early~~ How’s Niqiu lately? If you don’t have time to take care of him, give him to me =^-^= Looking forward to it…
★★★ ZHOU MI:
That’s not possible lately, hehe little Niqiu’s gotten sick, everyday he just scratches and scratches… poor thing~
☆☆☆ henry_xiaoling: MAR09
Zhou Mi, I’m so worried that Henry didn’t see my lightboard yesterday. Mine was the one with the lollipop on it. Hehe. Yesterday I was in standing and I called for you too~ Xiaolin^^String
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Xiaolin, Henry and I both saw all of you!! I also saw that Henry’s and my banners were placed together outside the venue!
☆☆☆ RR: MAR09
Zhou Mi, have you slept? I only just ate dinner, a rice cake dumpling and onigiri with seaweed. I wonder if I can tempt you out to answer my UFO with that~ sleep well with all of your Honeys’ love~ good night, sweet dreams
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Rice cake dumpling and onigiri with seaweed… sounds pretty good… I just had a huge hamburger hehe~
☆☆☆ jiafei: MAR09
Zhou Mi, what are you doing? Are you working hard? Hehe! Don’t work too hard and get sick, you have to take care of yourself, understand? Otherwise… heh heh! Haha! -Jiafei
★★★ ZHOU MI:
I’m at the company replying to everyone’s messages! I’ll take care of myself, you have to take care too! Jiafei~
☆☆☆ M●Mi: MAR09
Zhou Mi ge, I’m Dudu, you’ve gotten lazy lately, not answering any of us… Did you see the story SuperMi wrote for you? I wrote one too~ When I go to the audition I’ll give it to you…
[T/N: In January or February (not sure) a Honey named SuperMi sent Zhou Mi a UFO telling him she was going to write a love story about him and post it on his bar. His response then was: “A love story about me… okay, sure… romance…. I must go to the bar to read… hoho”]
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Thank you, M●Mi :) Yesterday I read the story SuperMi wrote for me, hehe my manager hyung read it too… hehe it was great!
☆☆☆ maomao: MAR12
Zhou Mi ge, is Niqiu a little better? It’s going to get cold again, look out for yourself! -maomao
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~ Niqiu’s probably very itchy right now~ poor little rascal…
☆☆☆ ilovejr: MAR12
Zhou Mi~ we established sj-world.net … it’s an forum for international fans who support SJ and all of the subunits! You can ask Eeteuk ge for all the info~ (And there’s a Chinese letter)! Please come visit!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
*ilovejr*, another message from you! Have you been well lately? You want me to go ask Eeteuk ge? ~hehe
☆☆☆ doudou: MAR12
Zhou Mi gege, is little Niqiu well? He still sticks to ge everyday, right! Zhou Mi gege don’t shut yourself up in your house everyday, you’ll break! You have to go out some time and play too! Heh ^^
★★★ ZHOU MI:
At home my mom takes Niqiu out everyday to walk at night~~~ I don’t know, maybe one day one of you will meet Niqiu yourselves…… hehe
☆☆☆ xiaowenzi: MAR12
Zhou Mi~ today I saw a little teddy dog in my area~ looked a lot like Niqiu~ it was so cute I almost rushed over and stole it for myself~ is Niqiu a little better now? Has he been to the vet? ~xiaowenzi~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Mom took Niqiu to see the vet… I hope he gets better soon! Hehe but sick or not he’s still crazy energetic..
☆☆☆ yunbao: MAR12
Zhou Mi Zhou Mi, appear! Zhou Mi ge… I’ve sent you so many messages, but why do you keep ignoring me… hmph… now I’m angry…. open sesame~ hurry and appear~!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Password incorrect!!!! The door won’t open~
☆☆☆ bonbon: MAR12
Zhou Mi gege: Thank you for replying to SO’s UFO! Though we’re far away from you in Hong Kong, when we get your replies it feels like you’re right next to us. We’re so moved ^^ – Hong Kong String bonbon
★★★ ZHOU MI:
I’m also very happy to be able to receive messages from Hong Kong here~ I’ve always really liked Hong Kong, I have so many memories from the last time we were there~ “I’ll be a cat, or a dog~ But not a lover~” [Lyrics from “Love and Sincerity,” the song Zhou Mi solo’d at the SJM Show in HK] hehe~ Thank you! BONBON
☆☆☆ hong kong honey SO: MAR12
Zhou Mi ge, I’ve put all your solos in my phone so I can listen to them, things like Quicksand, Everyday, and of course Love & Sincerity and Courage. With all of these songs we could make an album haha! SO
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~ thank you~ SO~ The songs I sing are all diligent gifts to Honeys~~ was my pronunciation in Love & Sincerity okay? Hehe I sang the wrong lyrics….
☆☆☆ cat: MAR12
Zhou Mi, Zhou Xiaomi, Zhou Mimi, Zhou Koala! —- uhm, nothing, I just wanted to call you ^^ I was just wandering around the Mi bar, and suddenly really missed you, but I have nothing to say, 囧~~~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Cat? ~heh, hello! Then I’ll 囧 with you~~~ I miss everyone too~
☆☆☆ wenwen: MAR12
Mimi ge, every time I go to Xidan I think about how cool it would be if I ran into you ^^ … but I haven’t been that lucky yet >< heehee
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~ I used to go to Xidan all the time when I was in high school.. very interesting!
☆☆☆ miss fox: MAR12
To the little boy in the photo, what are you doing lately?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Me~ Me~ That’s me! Hehe I’ve been writing lately!
☆☆☆ wujikexun: MAR12
Hehe, Xiaomi, I want to know if you’re a mic hog when you go to karaoke? Do you have any songs that you always have to sing? Please don’t ignore me this time~ or we’ll be sad :)
★★★ ZHOU MI:
I am —- an unparalleled mic hog!!! Because I know how to sing all the songs haha~~
☆☆☆ xiaoxiong: MAR12
o(^o^)o Zhou Mi gege~ it’s Xiaoxiong the high school senior who hasn’t appeared lately~ hehe~even though I’m always tired everyday~ but the feeling of working hard toward my dream is great~ I know you understand~ ^0^ BE BRAVE~ neither of us can give up!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Xiaoxiong, studies are very important~ No matter what they must always come first! Jiayou!!
☆☆☆ koala mi: MAR12
Zhou Mi ge, I’m sending you another message. It’s okay if you don’t reply, I just want you to know that Honeys will always support you. Shen Mi [Shen Mi is a Chinese fangroup.] is standing by you, jiayou
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hello! I love koalas~ haha thank you for loving me! I love everyone too, love Honeys, love Shen Mi~~ Shen Mi kids are all super good, every time I go back to Wuhan you leave me such a strong impression~
☆☆☆ hong kong honey so: MAR23
Zhou Mi ge my exams are over, but I don’t know how well I did. I’m so worried. I did my best, and I hope everything will work out, otherwise I don’t know if I can keep studying… can you sing a song to comfort me? -SO
★★★ ZHOU MI:
SO~ I hope you pass your exams smoothly. Don’t worry, as long as you do your best it’s fine… jiayou! I actually really like Cantonese songs, every time I go to Hong Kong I buy a lot of Cantonese CDs~ shall I sing a Cantonese song…
☆☆☆ lu da: MAR23
Zhou Mi, I’ve been watching old TV shows lately. If you could take part in a show like 2007’s XMan that’d be great. It’s been such a long time since we had news of you = = :-| What have you been doing lately?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Lu Da, hello! Have you been busy? Heehee, Guangdong should be very hot right now.. lately I’ve been trying to complete one of my dreams… I hope I can make it a reality
☆☆☆ zhaier loves 18: MAR23
Zhou Mi ge and Herry ge, what are you doing? I’m sneaking a UFO to you while I’m in class! Ge, reply to me! I’m scared!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Let me go see what Henry is doing hehe~
☆☆☆ xia ai meng: MAR23
Mi, I miss you so much. What have you been doing lately? There’s been no news of you. Have you been eating better lately, you’re just so skinny! If you have nothing to do please reply to me
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Xia Ai Meng, hello! You know, I haven’t been slacking lately, you guys will see later… I actually eat a lot… I just don’t grow.. I think you’ve all misunderstood..
☆☆☆ miss fox: MAR23
Zhou Mi, today jiejie [older sister, noona] cried, because it’s Shinhwa’s 11th anniversary. Jiejie’s already been with them for ten years! So I’m reminiscing! I don’t know if jiejie can be with you guys for 10 years too?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Fox jie, hehe~ you should be happy, you’ve been with them for ten years.. I really hope we can make as many memories and experiences with you~
☆☆☆ ~ruiyi shirley~: MAR23
Zhou Mi you keep responding to Hong Kong Honeys’ UFOs (me, mask meimei, NANA) We are the Mask Corps ^^ Mimi when you come back, I want to see you too ^^
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe Mask Corps.. what an interesting group name~ reminds me of how Heechul ge always wears the mask with the “che” character on it. Next time I want one too, with a “Mi” character haha~~
☆☆☆ : MAR23
Zhou Mi ge: right now the wind is raging like crazy here, and I underdressed again today. I shouldn’t have trusted the good weather this morning. So even the weather can play tricks on people. Ge, remember to wear more, it’s very cold.
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe, yes! Last time the weather tricked me too… I ended up wearing a tank top out.. and then I nearly froze to death……
☆☆☆ for mi: MAR23
Zhou Mi~~ counting down to your brother~ 24 days! It’s been thirteen days without word from you~ where are you now? Will you be in Beijing on your birthday? Do you have any wishes? You have to reply to me! I’m waiting~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Actually, I never used to celebrate my birthday. Last year after debuting I received so many birthday wishes, I was so happy :) Sigh.. I’m going to be a year older..
☆☆☆ koala mi: MAR23
Zhou Mi ge, how long are you going to lurk? Come delurk. Are you already in Korea?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~ I’m out~ because of you guys I like koalas now too.. hehe
☆☆☆ xiaomi: MAR23
Zhou Mi ge, what have you been doing lately? I have an exam in July in Nanjing, just happens to be when your concert is there. I’m so conflicted; I’m not feeling well today, so I skipped class, and then there was roll call. Sad. I have to jobhunt this year! Wait for me~ Xiaomi
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~ when I was in college I skipped class too, but I’m a bad example, don’t learn from me! You have to go to class!!
☆☆☆ sapphire blue waters gengmi: MAR23
Zhou Damimimi! If you don’t appear, I’m going to go fan someone else! Aaaah I miss you so much! What cloud are you wandering in now
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe hello, I don’t cloud-wander… but my mind wanders.. hehe
☆☆☆ M●Mi: MAR23
Zhou Mi, sob~ I miss you so much. I’m stuck in the hospital and I’m so bored~ you’re an awful husband, you left your poor wife Dudu here and then disappeared, hmph! Kiss me to make it up to me, or else once I get out of the hospital I’m going to make koala buns
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Are you feeling better? You shouldn’t get angry at the hospital.. hehe take care of yourself, or else the nurses will keep you locked in the hospital!!