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[UFO Archive] July-August 2009 (46 Replies)

Note: Because UFOTOWN is closing, I’ve decided to archive Zhou Mi’s many UFO replies. All UFO replies have been taken directly from ufotown.cn. Repetitive and/or intensely boring messages have been omitted.

☆☆☆ ~ruiyi shirley~: JUL13
Zhou Mi, Zhou Xiaomi, don’t you worry, I definitely will not laugh at your Cantonese =] But you have to hurry and come to Hong Kong >< ~ruiyi shirley~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
My Cantonese is really good now haha <giggles> Next time I’ll speak Cantonese for you~
☆☆☆ lan cha yu wu: JUL13
Zhou Mi, Korea must be pretty tiring and busy, huh? You have to take care of yourself~ When you come back I’ll buy you yummy food~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Yup~ lately I’ve been getting ready for the second album~ hehe okay~ I really really want Chinese food~
☆☆☆ meatball: JUL13
It’s so hot! This isn’t the furnace of China without reason! Zhou Mi ge how did you manage to survive Wuhan summers before? …
★★★ ZHOU MI:
By hiding in air-conditioned places everyday~ hahaha
☆☆☆ hanhan: JUL13
Zhou Mi ge, I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I really miss you! Ge, have you eaten? Let me steal a bit from you. You shouldn’t say “Catch the thief!” you gotta say “Catch the big thief!” hehe. Ge, you don’t have to respond ^^ [The Chinese word for “thief” is literally “little steal.” “Big steal” doesn’t mean anything but that’s what she’s saying, not actually “big thief”]
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Then I’m really going to scream~~ Catch the big thief!!!!! Catch her~~ haha
☆☆☆ mi yangyang: JUL13
Zhou Mi ge, where are you? I’m so tired, I don’t want to live anymore. My parents always fight. I can’t take it anymore. I want to cry…… sobs…….
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Mi Yangyang, be strong! Put your heart into it~ learn to take responsibility~ don’t say things like that~ you have to be there for yourself! Jiayou! ^^
☆☆☆ yaya: JUL20
Zhou Mi ge. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t know M would be at a Korean concert; if I’d known I would’ve gone to see you, TT, ge, jiayou
★★★ ZHOU MI:
It looks like everyone’s talking about the fanmeeting…
It seems like it’s been forever since I was able to sing for everyone.. hurry hurry~ M’s second album hehe~ oh, yesterday was Dandan’s birthday, tell her happy birthday for me~
[Dandan is a Chinese fan (but not the same Dandan sending him UFOs).]
☆☆☆ : JUL22
Zhou Mi gege, I got into a fight with my dad. He’s always like this, doesn’t listen to reason. I’ve cried so much my eyes hurt. I have to go to sleep late today, if I sleep too early my eyes will be swollen tomorrow, and it’ll be no good if I can’t keep them open
★★★ ZHOU MI:
You argued with your dad? Don’t be sad, parents always want good things for their children! Try talking it out with your dad :)
☆☆☆ 134-xxxx-6719: JUL22
Zhou Mi gege, I’m fourteen today. I wrote all of your names on the beach. Next year I have to take high school entrance exams. After they’re over I’ll go watch your concert. You’ll wait for me, right ^^
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Yes, jiayou this year! It’s very important, you must not get distracted. Let’s make a promise for one year out, your high school exams have to be a success!
☆☆☆ longly: JUL22
Zou Mi gege, work is so hard to find~ why don’t I just work for you, hire me! Ruiying
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Ruiying, going out into society for the first time is like this, jiayou! If you work hard it’ll pay off! Jiayou~

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