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[UFO Archive] October-November 2009 (21 replies)

Note: Because UFOTOWN is closing, I’ve decided to archive Zhou Mi’s many UFO replies. All UFO replies have been taken directly from ufotown.cn. Repetitive and/or intensely boring messages have been omitted.

☆☆☆ vienna: OCT26
Zhou Mi ge, if you’re Gentleman Mimi, then are we Honeys [Mitang] Lady Tangtang? Haha, nice name, right? You were really cool on Happy Camp. Variety Show (Emperor Mi) has appeared! Hehe, I miss you! Vienna
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe Vienna, we’ve had so many activities lately, so it’s been a long time since I last responded to one of your UFOs. Hehe I’ve gotten lazy, but now I must become diligent again~ I am GENTLEMAN MIMI~
☆☆☆ zui jiao de du du: OCT26
Your new song is really nice, I hope your second album is really successful! Zhou Mi and Henry have changed so much, I can tell you’ve really worked hard!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~ did we become better-looking~ hehe
☆☆☆ xiaowenzi: OCT26
Zhou Mi~ I like you like this~ showing your most genuine side when you see Honeys~ this is my inspiration for holding on~ you won’t change, right? Now I’m going back to work, but the video from Hangzhou came out really well~ Xiaowenzi~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Xiaowenzi, UFO Mi is back, hehe, these four continuous days of work are finally over, second album promotions are really busy hehe~
☆☆☆ 138-xxxx-5332: OCT26
Zhou Mi ge, were you squished today at the airport? Next time we’ll be careful… I’m sorry… you’re back in your dorm by now right? Please rest~ See you tomorrow at the Sohu event! by texiaote
★★★ ZHOU MI:
.Hehe, everyone was so enthusiastic, it’s okay~
☆☆☆ bingliang jiaoya: OCT26
Zhou Mimi today was the first time I was so close to you, I was so nervous. I got so excited that when I grabbed Minhee’s hand we ended up blocking your way, that was so dumb of us haha! To be honest I didn’t want to let you go hahaha! See you tomorrow!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~~ thank you today, you really worked hard at the airport~ hehe, it’s so nice having you guys around~
☆☆☆ jing__xi: OCT26
Zhou Mi, little one’s getting better and better looking~~ I want to be your Super Girl!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
OK~ permission granted! Hehe SUPER jing__xi
☆☆☆ ten hazelnuts: OCT26
Zhou Mi ge you’re getting hotter and hotter, hehe ^-^ it’s okay for me to call you ge, right? Can we be friends? Let’s go eat together. Jiang Peipei
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~ what do you want to eat? I love hot pot.. hehe and Sichuanese food~
☆☆☆ chaoqun: NOV10
Zhou Mimi, winter’s here and it’s gotten so cold! I don’t know if you can still access UFOs, but stay healthy and happy! I’m preparing for graduate school entrance exams! Give me a word of encouragement!
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Chaoqun is going to take grad school exams, amazing~

Jiayou jiayou~~~~ Chaoqun will be fine!

☆☆☆ xiaoqian: NOV10
[Zhou Mi] Smile more… you who look so pretty when you smile. Eat more… you’re too skinny, in a place with strong winds, the wind could carry you off…
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Are you talking about tornadoes~ hehe
Zhou Mi, I don’t know if you can see this message, but I hope you do. Now that it’s cold you need to take good care of yourself. You’re getting manlier and manlier. I can’t wait for you to come to Hangzhou! I’ll go see you.
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Then I’ll see you in Hangzhou, hehe manly… hehe how nice
☆☆☆ doudou: NOV10
Zhou Mi ge, today it’s going to both rain and snow, and it’s getting colder. So if you plan to go out, please remember to dress warm! Put on a facemask and a scarf so you don’t catch cold. Lately a lot of people have been getting sick, doudou
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Doudou, it’s been way too cold lately, whenever I dress I always package myself up, hehe~~
☆☆☆ , anan: NOV10
Hey, GAME Kyu, you have to take care of yourself. Even though you’re still young, you have to get enough rest ^^. Zhou Mi ge! My legs aren’t as long as yours… but I’m a girl~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Haha~ your legs aren’t as long as mine, you lose~ go stand there with Han Geng ge.!
☆☆☆ fairy blue snow: NOV
Zhou Mi ge, if you’re going out be sure to dress warm. Wear more layers tomorrow morning, it’ll be cold. Hehe, be sure to remind the others too, heehee
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe, beautiful frozen people~~
☆☆☆ protect 13: NOV10
Zhou Mi ge, it’s gotten cold, don’t forget to stay warm. These past few days the swine flu’s been so terrible, we’ve all been put on vacation. You guys have to watch out for yourselves and don’t get sick… maybe it’s because it’s raining today, but I feel like crying… and now it’s snowing…
★★★ ZHOU MI:
It’s snowing in Beijing, we were all celebrating for so long just now~ hehe
☆☆☆ 158-xxxx-5007: NOV11
Gentleman Mimi, Ultraman Mimi, tomorrow is Pepero Day, and it’s about time you and Geng and the other geges found us some sisters in law… what are you up to now?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
…Um, about that….. why don’t I get Han Geng to go do that haha
☆☆☆ xiaowenzi: NOV11
Zhou Mi~ Happy Pepero Day~ how do you plan to spend it? Even though work must be more important to you right now~ but if fate finds you you should treasure the opportunity~ I hope you’ll find true love and not be alone on Pepero Day! Hehe~ Xiaowenzi~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe it’s okay, I’ll just be a bachelor~ hehe
☆☆☆ xiaoJIN: NOV11
Zhou Mi ge~ you were really hot during the filming today! Did you see my Shen Mi [A Chinese Zhou Mi fan forum] sign? I made it yesterday on the spot~ did you like it? I was in too much of a rush~ next time I’ll make a big lightboard for you! Haha~ excited?
★★★ ZHOU MI:
XiaoJIN, I saw Shen Mi’s signs, they were so pretty~ hehe I kept waving at you all yesterday~
☆☆☆ xian guai [good little hyun]: NOV11
Zhou Mi!!! Quietly saying: Pepero Day…… haha, I’m so content……
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe I’ll pass this on to Kyuhyun~ hehe
☆☆☆ Viva no D: NOV11
Zhou Mi gege~ 11.11~~~ wuuuuuu [crying]~ Happy~~~ Pepero Day~~~
★★★ ZHOU MI:
Hehe~ why are you wuuuuuu~-ing on Pepero Day~
Zhou Mi ge, today is Pepero Day, what is gege doing? I don’t know how many Pepero Days I’ll have before it ends. But no matter what, as long as I have you guys, I’ll be okay. Ge, happy holiday. Tian
★★★ ZHOU MI:
I just woke up~ hehe all of us are frantically getting caught up on sleep
☆☆☆ 150-xxx-5386: NOV11
Zhou Mi, leader, happy Pepero Day….
★★★ ZHOU MI: