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[R] 2010年8月31日 10:37 KST via web

QMI LOVE: April 10, SS2 Philippines. It was your birthday, and we made Hello Kitty’s just for you. <3 Can’t wait for you to come here again.

my first time solo in Philippines‘s supershow Concert,so many HELLO KITTYS^^wonderful memory~ expect to see you all next time [hehe]

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[R] 2010年8月31日 02:14 KST

@汪佩蓉:老爹今天眼睛有張開了,雖然很虛弱,但我確定他有聽見我們對他說話了. [愛你] 謝謝大家,我的心中現在有無限的感謝和愛.無論如何我都持著往前的力量.^^

WANG PEIRONG: My dad opened his eyes today, he may be very weak, but I’m sure that he heard everything we said to him. [loveyou] Thank you everyone, right now my heart is filled with infinite gratitude and love. No matter what happens, I will hold on to the power to move forward. ^^

Peirong-jie is a singer I really admire, I really hope her family members will get well soon, everyone, let’s send our blessings together~

[R] 2010年8月30日 15:19 KST via web

@老丑:【中国达人秀—一头感动了全中国的“猪”】http://sinaurl.cn /bgq1t 他说,他愿意为他老婆装猪;他说,家里穷,他和老婆凌晨三点还在卖鸭脖子;他说,看见老婆在桥洞里唱歌,他很无力;当他被无知无情的所谓评委拒绝之时,他求他们让老婆在舞台上哪怕喊上一声……而当我们听到他妻子歌声的时候,我们都震惊了。

LAO CHOU: [“China’s Got Talent” — The “Pig” that Moved All of China] http://sinaurl.cn/bgq1t He said he was willing to pretend to be a pig for his wife; he and his wife stay up until 3 in the morning selling duck necks; he said, seeing his wife singing below a bridge made him feel powerless; when he was rejected by those ignorant and ruthless judges, he begged them to let his wife go onstage, even if just to shout out one sound…… and when we heard the singing voice of his wife, we were all astonished.

Watching this made me cry, such a moving couple. Everyone has the right to chase their dreams, YES~

T/N: This is a short segment from “China’s Got Talent”. Basically, this man went up on the show with the talent of pretending to be a pig — he dressed up in a suit and basically humiliated himself in front of the audience, which responded by booing and jeering. The judges were also very dismissive of him.

After they voted him off, he explained that his wife has a hobby, singing, and that he went on this show for her. After the judges told him that she should try to apply in a new round (+ some mocking) and asked why he’d dressed up as a pig, he replied that he’d do anything for her.

Then the judges decided to let her go onstage.

[R] 2010年8月30日 12:19 KST

@周觅吧:SSⅢ结束 与成员互动的周小白白白Part One 10P 地址:http://sinaurl.cn/GAbsS

ZHOU MI BAR: SSIII Ending – Zhou Xiaobaibaibai interacting with other members: Part One, 10P. Address: http://sinaurl.cn/GAbsS

Once I opened weibo I saw this picture that you updated with, hehe I’m smiling so happily~ Next time I want to let you all see M’s stage~

2010年8月30日 01:36 KST via web


How many familiar strangers will one person meet in a lifetime? After a conversation I had yesterday, I wanted to say that I hope all of you who are earnestly chasing after your dreams ultimately succeed! I wish you well~

2010年8月30日 00:34 KST via web

今天HENRY从国外上完学欢欢喜喜回韩国了,哈哈哈哈大家热烈欢迎啊~ [yeah]

Today Henry finished studying abroad and happily returned to Korea, hahahaha everyone, give him a warm welcome~ [yeah]

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2010年8月29日 15:00 KST via web

到韩国了,外面下着小雨,很凉爽…. 谢谢你们昨天在演唱会拍的照片,我也转上一张^^

Arrived in Korea, it’s drizzling outside, so it’s very refreshing and cool…. thank you for the photos you took at the concert yesterday, I’m reblogging one ^^

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[R] 2010年8月29日 00:36 KST

Reblog of a previous post; content can be found at 100828 14:28 post.

2010年8月28日 21:55 via mobile web


The performance’s over, this was my first time performing a solo at a Chinese Super Show, at the same time that I was excited and nervous, I also felt a little like I was fighting a battle alone. Before going onstage I told myself, no matter what happens, I have to sing well. I hope you enjoyed my performance just now. I enjoy every moment I spend onstage singing for you, thank you to every single one of you who supported me at the concert.

2010年8月28日 14:28 via web


I drank too much water before I slept, my face is so swollen, time to leave for the venue without makeup!! See you at the SUPERSHOW concert tonight!

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