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2010年9月29日 17:59 via web

公司又交代任务了..好大的‘鸭梨’啊~~决定宅着写歌…..这次是给谁的呢? [touxiao]

The company’s handed down another assignment.. so many “pears” ~~ so I’ve decided to stay cooped up at home and write songs….. but for whom this time? [touxiao]

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2010年9月28日 17:35 via web

通告^^SUPER JUNIOR的亚洲巡回演唱会SUPER SHOW 3 的北京站10月23号就要和大家见面了,地点:北京首都体育馆,大家转起来吧~

Event ^^ Super Junior’s Asia tour SUPER SHOW 3 will have its Beijing concert on October 23, I’m going to meet with you all. Location: Beijing Capital Stadium, everyone spread the word~

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2010年9月27日 22:34 via web

下午出门和老友聚餐.. [yeah]

This afternoon, leaving to eat with an old friend.. [yeah]

T/N: Could also be old friends, plural, he doesn’t specify~ He only added one on weibo, though.

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[Unreblogged Comments] September

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2010年9月25日 23:16 via web

@神觅_周觅全球后援会: 【视频】2010.09.25 世界风之《韩国印象》19~周觅直击SM TOWN首尔演唱会后台 [microphone] ~更有演绎现场报道以及神秘嘉宾登场哦 [kiss] ~ 下载请移步:http://sinaurl.cn/h4bi4I [heehee] http://sinaurl.cn/h4bGFR
刚和某人电话完,都笑的不行 [heehee] 彼此都很满意我们最后的ENDING,你那青岛话真是亮点,我回去学武汉话了…完整版的终于来了!

SHEN MI ZHOU-MI.COM: [VIDEO] 2010.09.25 World Trends “Korean Impressions” 19~ Zhou Mi does an on-the-scene tour of SMTOWN’s Seoul Concert [microphone] ~ There is also a report of the concert, and some mysterious VIPs make an appearance [kiss] ~ to download please move to: http://sinaurl.cn/h4bi4I [heehee] http://sinaurl.cn/h4bGFR

I just got off the phone with a certain someone, we were both laughing too hard to talk [heehee] we’re both very pleased with the ending, your Qingdao dialect was a highlight. I’m going to relearn Wuhanese… the full version is finally here!

2010年9月25日 22:52 via web

http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/o7KikFyMwzA/ 今天的节目你们看了吗?看到自己都笑了..哈哈 [jiong]

http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/o7KikFyMwzA/ Did you all watch today’s show? I laughed watching myself.. haha [jiong]

2010年9月25日 14:45 via web

公司和我说kangta哥安七炫的新专辑《爱.频率》马上就要发行了,这次好开心能有机会参与其他艺人专辑的制作,里面有我三首词作品,主打《爱.频率》《记得》还有《many times》,其中《记得》的曲子是kangta哥的创作,俺们的第一次合作,哈哈 新专辑全亚洲大卖啊!http://sinaurl.cn/h44vrk

The company told me that Kangta ge (An Chilhyun)’s new album “Love, Frequency” will be released very soon. I was so happy this time to be able to participate in the production of another artist’s album. Three of the songs include my lyrics, the main song “Love, Frequency,” “Remember,” and “Many Times.” Of those, “Remember” is Kangta ge’s own composition, it was our first time working together, haha. I hope the new album sells well through all of Asia! http://sinaurl.cn/h44vrk

2010年9月23日 19:44 via mobile web


Today I recorded two theme songs for Melody of Youth, and the recording studio was located where I’d attended my first singing competition at age sixteen (Beijing Guoan Theatre). Seven years ago, on that stage, I confirmed that I wanted to become a singer. Time passes so quickly ^_^

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2010年9月21日 19:42 via web


This morning the heavy rain in Korea caused my flight to be delayed. When the airplane was taking off I was frightened for the first time by an enormous tremor, scary! Once we passed through the clouds, there was no rain, and it was so beautiful……….. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone~

2010年9月21日 02:27 KST via web

这个月的《韩印》拍摄终于在5个小时前落下帷幕,这次让我感觉自己像在主持沈星姐的《美女私房菜》 [sweat] …… 送上张照片,俺韩国经济人哥哥瞬间的性感表情 [applause] ,乖乖跑去睡觉,北京,一会见…

The curtain on this month’s Kor Imp filming finally dropped five hours ago, this time it felt like I was hosting Chen Xing-jie‘s Belle Gourmet [sweat] …… Giving you a photo, my Korean manager’s momentary sexy expression [applause] , now I’m obediently running off to sleep, Beijing, see you soon…

T/N: Belle Gourmet (Mei Nü Si Fang Cai), is a TV show centered around… food, hosted by Chen Xing, a Beijing-based mc/anchor. Chen Lan previously mentioned that they were filming about food pretty much nonstop this round.

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