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2010年10月31日 20:23 KST


Organizing my photos, I’m a little hungry….. behind me are my manager and stylist, a gang of guys haha

2010年10月31日 17:08 KST via web

从龙哥的婚礼回来,恭喜恭喜~~ [xi] ,参加完后艺人们集体感叹结婚好幸福… [love]

Came back from Yong hyung’s wedding, congratulations congratulations~~ [xi] After attending, all the artists sighed collectively about the happiness of marriage… [love]

2010年10月30日 18:24 KST via web

@韩火火 生日快乐啊,时尚兄~ [cake]

@HANHUOHUO Happy birthday, fashionable brother~ [cake]

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2010年10月30日 16:55 KST via web

@LOLLIPOP F 敖犬 ,生日快乐 [cake] 蛋糕快递来韩国就行了~ [touxiao]

@ LOLLIPOPFAOQUAN, happy birthday [cake] Quick, pass over some cake to Korea~ [touxiao]

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2010年10月30日 07:48 via iPhone client


Super MariMi is flying back to Korea, and they’re flying with me. Next month, I’ll get to meet with everyone in Nanjing, happy :)

2010年10月29日 23:03 via web

结束演出还没卸妆,这么久第一次告诉大家新专辑的消息,我们只想说”SJ-M一直都在”,现场的大家辛苦了,谢谢可爱的觅糖们 [shy]

The concert is over, but I haven’t removed my makeup. It’s been so long since we announced information about the new album, and all we want to say is, “SJ-M will be and has been here all along”, everyone who came out today, you worked hard. Thank you, adorable Honeys [shy]

2010年10月29日 19:23 via web

化妆中,准备好就可以出发咯~常州的朋友一会见~ [hehe]

Getting my makeup done, once preparations are finished it’ll be time to go~ See you in a bit, friends in Changzhou~ [hehe]

2010年10月28日 16:43 KST via web

在看时尚周FASHION SHOW的gentleman觅觅,fashion week?fashion周!哈哈

Gentleman Mimi, watching the Fashion Week fashion show, fashion week? Fashion Zhou! haha

*Originally in English.

2010年10月28日 15:53 KST via web

看show有人递给我咖啡 [hehe] 暖啊~

Someone passed me a coffee at the show [hehe] It’s warm~

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2010年10月28日 15:25 KST

围脖抽风了,还有自动删除功能.. [sweat]

Weibo had a convulsion, it even has an auto-deleting function.. [sweat]

T/N: He’s talking about this post, which randomly deleted itself.