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2010年11月30日 23:25 KST via web


In the photo within the photo, my friend says I’m muddled, but I say I’m a lunatic!

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[R] 2010年11月30日 23:01 KST via web

這個世界的確有很多人很會得吋進尺 誰是傻子還是老好人?幫可以忙 可是別把一切想成理所當然 得了一還想二 還有三四五六七八九 做到六了還欠七八九也是我錯了?抱怨罵人前 麻煩請想想別本末倒置

KARA CHUNG: In this world, there are many people who, given an inch, will take a mile; who is that stupid, or that much of a bleeding heart? A favor is one thing. But taking it for granted, getting one thing and wanting a second, and then a third, fourth, fifth, six, seventh, eighth, ninth. And even once I’ve done the sixth, but not the seventh, eigth, ninth, it’s still my fault? Before complaining and cursing someone, think about it. Don’t confuse cause and effect.

I agree, everyone will run into this type of person eventually, just give them a ‘look’!!!

2010年11月30日 20:53 KST via Weico iPhone


I’m here, with an affected pose haha, sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle!

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2010年11月30 日 18:11 KST via web


Once it gets cold I get really lazy, too lazy to get dressed up… so there have been no photos lately… should I get pretty in a bit?

2010年11月30日 17:29 KST via web


Because of work earlier, I never got to proceed with my second “precious plan,” even though you guys didn’t get to see the first one either haha, but it should be soon! I just got another task today, and it’s one I really don’t want to do. Everyone will run into things they don’t want to do, but must do, but since there are people who believe in me, I’ll control my temper and try~

2010年11月30日 00:54 KST via mobile web


I don’t like saying that I’m happy-go-lucky, it’s so cliché! But it’s true that I can very easily be made happy. I can be happy when I’m working, happy when I’m practicing, happy when I’m shopping, happy when I’m drinking a cup of coffee, happy even if my days are packed with work, and is there a reason? Nope! hehe

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@王婧:新换的手机壳…有我大爱的骷髅…延续我的Bling bling风…有被闪到吗?嘿嘿…今天在廊坊的大学城录<<音乐现场>>…化妆准备开工罗…

WANG JING: My new phone case… it has the skulls I love so much… continuing in my bling bling style… have you been dazzled? Heihei… I’m recording “Music Live” in Langfang’s university city today… time to get get makeup done for work…

I like this! I was dazzled! Where do I find one??

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