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[Unreblogged Comments] January 2011

January 1

These comments were all made LONG before he closed down his weibo.


To @ZhouMi_SJM: 【Everybody .! Happy New Year!】 20110101 0:00 everything begins anew! We hope everything goes well for Zhou Mi this year. You have to eat well.. and gain weight, this is one of the wishes of everyone who cares for you. No matter what happens in the future, we will always be with you, and you all! [geili]

ZHOU MI: Happy New Year, Chinese kids in Korea ^^ I really miss home, but “we’re together!” (01:06 KST)


【Happy New Year】 SS3 Guangzhou: Batch #19, Miss Chic, HQ 14P, Link: http://sinaurl.cn/hbSJG9

ZHOU MI: My dear Mitangs, happy new year!!! I love you! (01:06 KST)

Tonight, your hometown is quiet and peaceful, and the radiance of the sun and moon meet in glee. I hope that, having met, we will never separate; and if we separate, I hope we meet again. Here begins yet another year where you and I meet at this place, hereafter, everyday, you and I will pause here to meet again, together. This belief is linked closely with love, and it revolves tightly around us. It contains genuine well-wishes, and is given to all those Mitangs who have loved Shen Mi this year. Happy New Year! May everything be well.

ZHOU MI: My dear Mitangs, happy new year!!! I love you! (01:07 KST)

Happy~ New~ Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [heart] 2011 by the Gregorian calendar is here, happy holidays to everyone! [yeah] I will never forget 2010, and everything I couldn’t have imagined, the good and the bad, the possible and impossible, everything happened. This was a really, really important year. I will always remember you~ 2010. Goodbye! 2011 will be super exciting! [good] [loveyou] [heart]

ZHOU MI: Happy New Year! Peirong jie, I look forward to our duet in 2011 hoho~ (01:44 KST)

WANG PEIRONG: Haha, I also hope we can work together, let’s keep lines of communication open, and work hard together [cheers] [yeah] (01:01)

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