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[Fan Account] 110306 Shanghai Pudong Airport (Zhou Mi, Kyuhyun, Donghae)

fanreport by: ring (baidu hi)
translated by @zhouminews
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“The first group was Donghae – Zhou Mi – Kyuhyun, Diandian and I glued ourselves to the glass wall of the security area to watch.

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[Transcript] 110306 SS3 Shanghai: Ending

Zhou Mi:

Thank you to everyone who came to the concert. And thank you to those of you who came here especially to support me and Henry. We’re very happy to be able to perform for you. Thank you.


[Transcript] 110304 HitFM Radio: Zhou Mi Phone Call

ELSA: Now, next, we have a more complete broadcast. As you know, this week, we’ve been playing Elsa’s exclusive interview with SJM – listening to it, do you feel as though someone is missing? Does it make you feel a little regretful inside? Don’t worry, Mitangs, we haven’t forgotten him! So in order to make the interview even more perfect, even closer to perfection, this afternoon we have especially called up Zhou Mi, who is currently in Shanghai.

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[Fansite] 100303 Zhou Mi Baidu Messages

SUBJECT: “Hello everyone, I’m here ^^”

ZHOU MI: [#1, 20:36]
It’s been so long, everyone, I really missed you. Today I flew to Shanghai and just finished an interview, I’m really excited, because M can bring “Perfection” to meet with you now. But I’m really regretful, I too only just found out that because of certain reasons, we can’t perform new songs for everyone at SUPER SHOW 3. But following that, we will have many promotional activities for the new album and many opportunities to meet, and we’ll continue to work hard and bring you the best possible performances~ I love you~”

FAN: [#66]
Originally, there was a lot I wanted to say, but when I saw you today all I remembered to talk about was your voice, you have to take care of it T^T

ZHOU MI: [#145, 21:18]
I was so happy to meet with you guys this afternoon ^^
Everyone has to watch out for their health!

FAN: [#69]
Zhou Mi!!! We’re waiting for you in Taiwan T_______T

ZHOU MI: [#163, 21:23]
Because of visa problems I couldn’t make it to Taiwan to meet with everyone last time, I’m sorry, I look forward to the next time we meet in Taiwan~

FAN: [#257]
Thank you so much for giving us so much love Gentleman Mimi!!

ZHOU MI: [#308, 21:43]
Thank you for your love ,Foreign fans ,I’m very happy to have your support !

I’m Gentleman Mimi!!^^hehe~

FAN: [#392]

Wow~~~ your English is so good~~
But next time, can you use Cantonese?!

ZHOU MI: [#613, 22:52]
Hehe, right now I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone at the Hong Kong event, and speak Cantonese with you all!

ZHOU MI: [#638, 22:57]
In the future, when I get the time, I’ll come here frequently to meet with you all ^^

T/N: Originally in English :3
T/N: Originally in Cantonese

[Fanaccount] 110303 Zhou Mi at Zhuhai Airport

Baidu Zhou Mi Bar exclusive fanaccount:

“Today, Zhou Mi revealed that the original title of ‘TRUE LOVE’ was ‘CHRISTMAS,’ and that he hopes everyone likes it and the rest of SJ-M’s new album. He himself really likes it. Zhou Mi says that he has yet to see the actual Taiwanese and Korean versions of the new album, and also revealed that the mainland Chinese version will be released in the latter half of this month.”

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[News] 110302 Zhou Mi’s Vocal Cords

About Zhou Mi’s voice: Because he continued to record Korean Impressions and host the China Eastern stewardess pageant while his vocal cords were in recovery, because he rehearsed in the original female register (falsetto) for “I will always love you,” and because in order to reach the level of the original singer, he practiced continuously, overusing his voice: his left vocal cord is no longer capable of movement/vibration. He takes medicine everyday, relying on medication to maintain his ability to sing. It’s already been like this for seven months.

SOURCE: Baidu Zhou Mi Bar
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews