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[Interview] 110417 Apple Daily on Zhou Mi’s Fashion/Shopping

Apple Daily, a Taiwanese newspaper:

Chinese member Zhou Mi loves shopping for clothes and skincare products, eyes sparkling, he said: “It’s so easy to buy things in Taiwan, I love Taiwan!” The Mother’s Day sales at department stores had only just started when he stormed the department stores to collect the goods. He shared his newfound knowledge: “If you spend 3000NTD, you get a 300NTD gift certificate, so I have to really plan out what I can buy with the certificates to make the most of the value.” His careful accounting and planning is as good as any of the ladies’!

Zhou Mi has been in Taiwan for less than a month, and already he’s been shopping and buying all over. He said: “I also like shopping online, and before I buy something I always compare the prices online first. Artists are people too, if we can save money, we should!” Once he found out that department stores were putting on Mother’s Day sales, he immediately rushed to the department stores in the Xinyi district and bought a ton of skincare products, with plans to use the gift certificates to “replenish stock” later on.

SOURCE: Apple Daily News
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

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