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[Transcript] 110625 MTV EXIT Concert – Zhou Mi intro

ZHOU MI: Hello everyone, I’m Zhou Mi!! I’m really happy to be able to meet with everyone in Thailand again, because this is my favorite place. I hope everyone has fun today, we’ll be performing our new song(s) for you today, and I hope you like them!

VIDEO BY: chaipanas

[PSA] Unconfirmed M4 Rumor

For the past three days, a rumor has been circling Korean and now Chinese and English fandom that SM Entertainment is adding Zhou Mi to “M4,” a new boyband focusing on the Chinese market.

The rumor originates from a post on the Instiz portal about SM’s new “M Series,” here: http://www.instiz.net/index.htm?page=/bbs/list.php%3Fid%3Dpt%26no%3D211777%26url%3D1

☆ Please be advised: this is NOT an official news report. Instiz is not a news service, but a community forum and portal. The original poster could be anyone – it could be an SM staffer, but it could also be a netizen in a coffeeshop speculating wildly and stirring up rumors. The post does not cite any sources or include a reporter byline. No credible news source, Chinese or Korean, has picked up the story even though it has been in circulation for at least two full business days (since June 28). To date, this post has been the ONLY source of new information regarding any “M Series” of new SM groups. Rumors about M1 have been circulating for quite some time, but nothing like this.

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[Transcript] 110625 SJM x Yahoo! — Zhou Mi “Heart’s Gratitude”

ZHOU MI: Hello everyone, I’m Zhou Mi! Time has really passed so quickly, in a flash– don’t, don’t take them!!!! I’m going to talk about them!!! So time has really passed quickly; in a flash, this longstay has ended. And… I have a lot of regrets, and a lot of things I wish I could still do–


ZHOU MI: But I think my memories of Taiwan are already very lovely–haha!!


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[News] 110614 Apple Daily News: Zhou Mi’s new fashion book

Apple Daily News:

The self-proclaimed “comedian on the inside, hottie on the outside” Zhou Mi, especially prepared an empty suitcase when he came to Taiwan, and when he returned to Korea in the end, it was filled with his spoils of war. Because he likes to shop and enjoys fashionable styles, this year he will join the ranks of the authors, and release a fashion reference book teaching men the tricks of dressing up. Zhou Mi suggests to the reader: “If you get the chance to go shopping in Korea, you can walk around Dongdaemun or Myeongdong, or go to [Sinsa-dong] Avenue to “search for treasure.”

SOURCE: http://bit.ly/mDym1T
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[News] 110611 Zhou Mi and Henry debut in Mixi’s Top 100 Korean Male Idols Ranking

Taiwanese netizen onlysyou on PTT has been recording the popularity of stars on Mixi (a Japanese social networking site) for some time now. One of the listings is Korean male idols.

As of June 1st, ZHOU MI and HENRY have appeared for the first time at 75 and 80, respectively (the columns with dashes in them are numbers from April and May).

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[Fanaccounts] 110606 Taiwan Fanparty Part III: Evening Accounts


Fan accounts from the evening show.

♪ joyce771199: And then came the impressive “Love is sweet” They… were too moving T T
Zhou Mi said really quietly, “These lyrics are so fast” XDDD
Mi and Kyu did really well~~~ (…)

Next it was Donghae’s turn to talk.
But… because HyukKyuMi were talking too animatedly XD
He went to go stop them~
The host asked what they were talking about.
Hyuk ran up and said~ “We asked Zhou Mi, wht did Henry say?” (seeing everyone crying, probably) “But all he said was ‘He’s thanking the fans'”
Ah~ XDD So simplified XDD (Everyone gave Mi a thumbs up XD I laughed so hard XDD) (…)

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[Fanaccount] 110606 Taiwan Fanparty Part II: Setlist and Afternoon Show


Early Show Setlist: (by: waterMo @ PTT_SJ)

1. Perfection
2. VCR: Fansign Event
3. Destiny
4. Fan Interaction Part I: Taiwan Beauty Quiz
5. Solos
(1) Ryeowook – I Only Care About You
(2) Donghae ft. Ryeowook: Just Like Right Now
(3) Kyuhyun: If You Also Heard
(4) Siwon: Where’s the Happiness We’d Agreed On?
(5) Henry: Off My Mind
(6) Zhou Mi: The Sky is Dark
(7) Sungmin: Too Bad It Couldn’t Be You
(8) Eunhyuk: Michael Jackson dance
6. Announcement: SS3D coming to theatres
7. Fan Interaction Part II: Polaroid photos + autographs
8. Love Is Sweet
9. Super Girl
10. Fan Project — Ryeowook’s birthday

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[Transcript] 110606 Taiwan Fanparty: Ending Talk Transcript


HOST: If you please, Zhou Mi~

ZHOU MI: Okay~

ELF: (screeching “Zhou Mi”)

ZHOU MI: Ahaha.

ZHOU MI: In my heart, there are a LOT of oranges. *

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[Fanaccount] 110606 Taiwan Fanparty Part I: Zhou Mi Support Account

WRITTEN BY: kuromipink @ PTT_SJ
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

The writer of this fan account is one of the fans who called in to one of Zhou Mi and Henry’s radio shows. Her favorite is Sungmin.

When I was about to get on the escalator, I saw Mi banners being distributed!!!!!

Before the afternoon show, I wasn’t able to get Mi’s banner.. ((I thought I’d lost my chance. I really wanted one!

Thank goodness. The staff gave one to me.

I happily turned around, and then I said, I finally got one!!! I’m a Taitang~ (Taiwan Mitang)

And then, the staff member called out after me and said: Do you want them? and gave me a stack (( Oh my god!! All of them Mimi’s banners~~~~~

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[Interview] 110603 Play Magazine — Zhou Mi cuts

Q: If you had to choose a color to describe yourself, what would it be?

ZHOU MI: Multicolored! I believe that life has to be filled with many different colors in order to be rich and dazzling, there’s sadness, happiness, and fury… I hope that I can bring to everyone a multifaceted Zhou Mi, not a monochrome Zhou Mi.

“OK’s Secret from the Front Lines” [The Play Magazine dog talking about Zhou Mi]

Zhou Mi gege is so cute! While they were taking solo shots, because OK was in the studio for a really long time, so the staff jiejie took OK outside the studio for a break. Who would’ve thought that after Zhou Mi gege finished taking photos, and after thanking the photographer, the first thing out of his mouth was: “What about OK? Why’d he disappear?” The staff member immediately replied that OK went out for a walk. When OK returned to the studio, without another word Zhou Mi gege clung to OK and said: “OK, I thought you left… you precious baby, you should just come home with me!” And then the other SJM geges immediately replied loudly: “Okay…” really, oh my! PS: Zhou Mi gege’s dog is called Niqiu, if he gets the chance he should introduce Niqiu to me!

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews