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[Interview] 110716 Top Idol Magazine: Zhou Mi cuts

Q: While you were in Taipei, you went to a lot of different department stores. And we hear that Zhou Mi is someone who pays a lot of attention to keeping himself in shape?

ZHOU MI: I am someone who pays a lot of attention to quality of life, plus all the stuff they sell in department stores looks so enticing. I follow everything that has to do with fashion closely, and of course keeping in shape is part of being fashionable. Really, I care a lot about both the big and little things in life.

T/N: “keeping in shape” (baoyang) can also mean staying healthy and taking care of yourself, with the implication that both attractiveness and health are goals.

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[Weibo] 110715 Kara Chung updates with photo of Zhou Mi


A lot of times I wonder — being able to have brand new ideas everyday, being able to work untiringly toward all sorts of goals everyday, being able to be energetic, joyful, and dynamic everyday — Zhou Mi, how do you do it??? What’s the next surprise????

SOURCE: http://weibo.com/1742723127/xeVlStiJY
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