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[Weibo] 110925 Li Xia, Zhou Mi, Yang Guang co-host Three Countries Concert

Li Xia:

The China-Japan-Korea Music Festival at the Bird’s Nest has started! Me with my bad back, and these ridiculously high heels. Because today my companions are two nearly-190-cm-tall handsome newcomers Zhou Mi, Yang Guang! Everyone, let’s support them! [applause]

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[Weibo] 110919 Zhou Mi takes Calvin Chen sightseeing

Fahrenheit member and host of MTV’s Japan & Korea Music Craze Calvin Chen:

Zhou Mi, thank you for receiving me so enthusiastically, and allowing me to become even more familiar with Seoul’s beauty and vitality; see you next time!

Note: The area pictured is Konkuk University.

SOURCE: http://weibo.com/chencalvin777
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[Fansite] 060824 Zhou Mi Baidu Message — Leaving China for Korea

Zhou Mi made it to the finals of CCTV’s national hosting competition in the summer of 2006, but withdrew from the competition before the final round because he accepted an offer from Korea’s SM Entertainment to join as a trainee. The CCTV competition was broadcast nationwide, and Zhou Mi had been a clear favorite since very early on in the show. Because of the setup of the show — all the contestants participated in an MC camp together — Zhou Mi became quite close with a lot of the contestants, many of whom he still considers very good friends.

This post is about leaving China for Korea, and withdrawing from the competition. The language he’s been trying to learn is Korean. The bunch of Chinese toward the end is when he’s listing the usernames of fans on the baidu bar, which was created in 2005 (this is what he means when he says “it’s been a year”).

Hello everyone~ sorry for making you wait ^_^

Hello everyone, I’m so sorry I didn’t come here to leave a message until now. Because I am leaving soon, I’ve been making all sorts of preparations. Just now I saw a lot of messages from you guys in the bar and in my inbox! Thank you everyone!

I originally wanted to come here and see everyone after the interview the other day, but because I have to study a language.. hah I’m a little out of it, so I kept pushing it back, I am really so sorry. Now that I look back, it’s been a year, and there are so many of you here supporting me, whether you came because of the singing competitions I participated in or the hosting competition that came later, thank you all!

I actually can’t bear to let go of you all, the friends at my side, my fellow contestants on the competition, and those of you quietly supporting me on the bar! You are my greatest source of motivation, and I will definitely continue to work hard.

I saw the forum you guys made for me, it’s beautiful and I love it. If I have time, I’ll visit frequently.

Thank you all… 彦霖爱觅.阿雯.狂热原子. Yan爱觅. 茹随觅动…………… and many more, thank you!

Also, an amy06victoria in the bar said she’s about to go to college. I hope everything goes smoothly for you! Jiayou!

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[Fansite] 2006 Predebut Zhou Mi Baidu Bar Messages

[060228] I’m Zhou Mi, school’s started and I’m here to see everyone

Hello everyone, I’m Zhou Mi
Today a friend told me you made a fan forum for me, so I came to see
It’s really great, I like it a lot
You’ve all worked hard, in the future I’ll try to visit as much as I can
I’ve already come back to school and classes have started
Everyone must be studious in the new school year
Thank you for all of your continued support
I will work hard!!!

[060419] Hello everyone, I’m here! Thank you all :)

Hello everyone, it’s been so long :)

Thank you for all your birthday wishes, I got them all, and I’m really happy. Hah, when you think about it time has passed so fast, and I’m already a twenty-year-old. I’m so lucky to be able to come here and see all of you supporting me, I will keep working hard with everyone…~ Thank you once again for your support :)

Zhou Mi

He left these messages under his first baidu account, zhou_mi. He later forgot his password and made a new account.

[Weibo] 110917 Li Jiazhen posts about Tour Guide Zhou Mi

Gold Typhoon Records manager Li Jiazhen:

One of my friends is going to visit Korea, so I suggested some Korean delicacies to her. It reminded me of the past two times I went to Korea, when Mimi tongxie* and his good friend @Karachung took me out to try quite a few delicious foods (glutton) (soup) (ice cream) (martini), I miss it! (love)

NOTE: “Tongxie” is slang for “schoolmate,” which can be taken to mean “friend.” Li Jiazhen is a manager for Gold Typhoon Records; she and Zhou Mi met during Super Junior M’s Taiwanese longstay. Text in parentheses ()’s were originally emoticons.

SOURCE: http://weibo.com/1769297464
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[Weibo] 110910 Zhou Mi takes Danson Tang shopping

Danson Tang:

Hung out with Zhou Mi the whole afternoon, thank you Tour Guide Zhou, ha! Dinnertime!

Danson Tang is a popular singer, actor, and model based in Taiwan. He is currently visiting Korea and, like Zhou Mi, is friends with Ken Wu (host of Love JK and Entertainment E-Generation) and former U-KISS member Alexander Eusebio.

SOURCE: http://weibo.com/dt0902
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[Photos] Melody of Youth Photos

Photos of the Melody of Youth boxset.
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[Interview] 110831-110904 Huashang News Interview

Super Junior M did an interview with Huashang News in July. The questions were collected from fans via the Baidu SJ-M bar. While many of the answers were printed in the August 31 print issue of Huashang News, some were not printed and were instead revealed online by SM China PR rep Zhang Xiaojing on her weibo.

There are two sections to this interview: one in which specific members answer questions posed to them by fans, and another in which the members reveal things about each other.

♪ QUESTION: In Korea, many stars have opened their own stores. Have you ever thought about or even planned coming to China to open a store, for example – a coffee shop?

HENRY: Right now all I want to do is concentrate on making music.

ZHOU MI: I want to open a fashion shop that sells things like clothes and accessories.

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