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[Weibo] 111125-27 Claire Kuo Concert — Zhou Mi mentions

Note: One of the groups of friends Zhou Mi frequently met with during SJM’s longstay included Claire, Tina, and Jiazhen. Watch Zhou Mi’s support VCR here.

[111125 20:43]
Tina Wang
, author and lyricist for Linfair Records:

@ZhouMi Thank you, most considerate Mimi, for especially taking the time from your busy schedule to record this VCR for Claire, even as you were in Korea preparing for your own concert! You are so sweet! [heart]

[111125 22:00]
Li Jiazhen
, Gold Typhoon Records manager —

I just sent a photo of the performance to Mimi, he says: Guo Jing is so pretty [heehee] [praise]

[111127 12:21]
Claire Kuo (Guo Jing):

Two days dedicated to my concerts ended perfectly yesterday. Thank you to everyone who came to listen to me sing; even though my vocal cords weren’t at their best for the performance, you still gave me such loud cheers and applause; I am so thankful! Thank you JJ Lin, Zhou Mi for your support VCRs, thank you to my company senior Fanfan, ClaireNation, and Xiaoxia jie for the beautiful flowers…

SOURCES: tina, jiazhen, claire
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[Transcript] 111125 Zhou Mi’s Support Message VCR for Claire Kuo

ZHOU MI: Hello everyone!! I am Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi. Now, first off I’d like to congratulate my good friend Guo Jing tongxue (*classmate/friend) because… shortly she will be putting on two days of her very own solo concert, on the 25th and 26th. I myself really want to rush to the concert to be with her, and her fans, to share in and sing along to Guo Jing’s lovely songs. And her newest one– what’s it called again? [sings] “Thinking of Her While You’re With Me~~~” [claps] Wowwww!!! So I hope all of you at the concert can support Guo Jing! And…. don’t be nervous. Because you’re the best! Jiayou, Guo Jing!!!

VIDEO BY: baidu guo jing bar

[News] 111125 Zhou Mi records a VCR message for Claire Kuo’s concert

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCE: http://www.hitoradio.com/newweb/73070hotnews

Hito Radio:

Zhou Mi, still in Korea, ‘crossed seas’ in order to support Guo Jing [Claire], smiling as he said, “I really wish I were at the concert myself today to sing along to Miss Guo’s lovely songs with all of her fans.” Guo Jing revealed that once, when SJ-M came to Taiwan, a friend of hers introduced her to Han Geng. At the time, Zhou Mi was Han Geng’s roommate, and once he saw Guo Jing he said: “I totally bought your album!” The two of them unexpectedly became friends, and often make plans to sing and eat together. Zhou Mi sang “Pei Zhe Wo De Shi Hou Xiang Zhe Ta (Thinking of Her As You’re With Me)” a cappella, and also left a message to cheer on Guo Jing, who often loses sleep out of nervousness: “Don’t be nervous, you’re the best!”

[Fanaccounts] 111119-111120 SS4 Seoul: Zhou Mi HK/China/TW ELF Compilation


☆☆☆ HONG KONG ☆☆☆

maru: Two days of SS4 have ended, and I got to see the Zhou Mimi I haven’t seen in a really long time. His solo was fantastic, his smile very warm [cries] Today, his smile during the ending was very sweet, and he kept meeting fans’ eyes and bowing and even blowing kisses [crazy] after a second I was so shy I held up my sign and blocked my face because I didn’t dare look at him [crazy] Zhou Mimi finally got a solo in Korea! I’m so moved, now everyone has seen his hard work and his talent [cries] *I also met a super pretty European Mitang [crazy] She was super nice and was afraid she’d block me so she let me stand in front of her [cries]

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[Fanaccount] 111119-111120 SS4 in Seoul: Zhou Mi Focus

Note: This fanaccount was written by a Hong Kong Mitang.

WRITTEN BY: shi0007 (http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1293848735)
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

Two-day Zhouzhoumi Seoul trip~

As an “auntie fan” (today I went to have lunch with a friend my age and her kids kept calling me auntie auntie auntie, to the point that I realized, I’m old) I went to Super Show 4 to see Zhou Mimi perform. Since I only went for Zhou Mi I’m only going to write about him, and anyway if you told me to write about the others I wouldn’t be able to; after his solo I just spaced out and did stretches. A four hour concert + two hours of lining up beforehand; standing for six-seven hours two days in a row is actually really tiring. (I’m old, my strength’s not up to par) (there are probably going to be a lot of parenthetical notes in this, too much to snark about)

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[Fanaccount] 111122 A fan meeting Zhou Mi and Henry at their dorm ;_;

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

A Chinese Mitang waited outside Zhou Mi’s dorm for 25 hours ._. She was out there for so long that Henry asked her if she’d slept when he got back, and then went upstairs and came back down with a glass of water for her. He tried to convince her to go back, even offering to take her gifts up to their dorm for when Zhou Mi finally got back, but she stayed. Henry apparently called and told Zhou Mi she was there. Finally, Zhou Mi appeared…

Her fanaccount:

“I could wait for 48 hours, even! Even though my feet and hands have frozen to the point that they don’t feel like mine anymore, it’s okay! Everything is worth it! Thank you so much, Henry Lau! When he got back in the morning and realized I was still waiting for Zhou Mi, he asked me, haven’t you slept? Stop waiting. And then came back down again with a glass of water for me, urging me to go home. And then he told Zhou Mi that there was a fan downstairs that had been waiting for him for a really long time. Crying tears. He’s going to remember me for a while I bet = =

25 hours of waiting. In return I received his [Zhou Mi’s] apologies and a warm hug.. He said, Idiot. Why did you wait for this long? It’s so cold, weren’t you afraid you’d get sick? He said, I saw you at the concert. I was afraid you wouldn’t see, so I kept waving to you. It’s been so long since I last saw your lightboard.. He said, don’t wait for me like this anymore.

Just as I was so frustrated that I was going to leave, he appeared. Thank you for letting my last day in Korea be this blessed.”


Zhou Mi was actually home the entire time being a hermit and didn’t know there was a fan outside waiting for him. After Henry went back up and told him she was waiting he freaked out, grabbed the first outfit he could find and flew downstairs without applying makeup or putting much effort into putting himself together, because he was afraid she’d leave and he wouldn’t be able to talk to her. The first thing he did when he got downstairs was apologize profusely and grab her hands, rubbing them and trying to warm them up for her, telling her not to catch cold.

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[Transcript] 111120 SS4 Seoul: Zhou Mi Ending Talk

Zhou Mi and Henry appear after 1:55~

EETEUK: Our last song today, we’re going to sing Super Junior M’s Destiny. And, Zhou Mi and Henry who will perform together with us, will come up on stage with us.

SHINDONG (?): Henryyyyyy!

SUNGMIN (?): Come on out!

EETEUK: I went over this before but, I told you to not use that chant from before right? So you can’t do that from now on, you understand, right?

CROWD: Yes~~

EETEUK: Our Henry and Zhou Mi, you have to treasure them more; that way, Super Junior can last for 100, 200 years. Okay then, we can’t return all the love that you’ve shown us, but we’ll sing you one more song, Destiny.

[awkward silence; one of the members says something off-mic]

EETEUK: …..oh? Oh they.. oh right Henry please say a little something. [awkward laugh]

KYUHYUN: Eeteuk-si!

SUNGMIN: Eeteuk–

DONGHAE: You have to introduce them, their introductions!!

SUNGMIN: Starting with Zhou Mi, starting with Zhou Mi please introduce yourselves.

ZHOU MI: :3 Hello~ [bows]

ZHOU MI: I’m Super Junior M’s Chinese member, Zhou Mi. The truth is, in China I’ve debuted for three years but this time is the first time I’ve ever had the chance to have my own performance in Korea and show you my song so I was really joyful. I realize that a lot of Korean fans might not even know who I am–

CROWD: [screams]

ZHOU MI: [laughs] But when I sang you clapped and cheered, so thank you very much. [bows]

TRANSLATED BY: @kitschful <3 for @zhouminews FANCAM BY: iris327

[News] 111121 Yahoo! Taiwan on Super Show 4 Seoul (Zhou Mi/Henry)

Yahoo! Taiwan:

As for their fourth concert tour since their debut, SUPER JUNIOR took off from their hometown of Seoul, Korea, and plan to depart to Asia’s Japan and Taiwan, and have also scheduled in advance to go to Europe and America, the Middle East, and other areas. Aside from solo performances from each of Super Junior’s nine members, Super Junior M members Zhou Mi and Henry also offered their first [solo] experiences in Korea. The former [Zhou Mi] seemed quite nervous on the first day, but on the second day was able to show off his singing skills, powerfully hitting high notes. The latter [Henry] performed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” with f(x) member Amber. The two of them gave a performance bursting with charisma,and if they have the opportunity to work together in the future, they may have a chance to become a new highlight in the music industry.”

SOURCE: http://bit.ly/vhSS6v
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[Fanaccounts] 111119 Super Show 4 in Seoul: K-ELF Zhou Mi/Henry Focus

The following fanaccounts were written by Korean ELF. “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” is “kkkk/kekekeke”

TRANSLATED BY: @kitschful
WRITTEN BY: o0o0o97

21. Perfection
Zhou Mi(Jjo Mi) and Henry came out to sing with. But I couldn’t sing along much because I only listened to the Chinese version and not the Korean ㅋㅋ After only watching the music video seeing the live stage was refreshing

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