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[Fanaccount] 111119-111120 SS4 in Seoul: Zhou Mi Focus

Note: This fanaccount was written by a Hong Kong Mitang.

WRITTEN BY: shi0007 (http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1293848735)
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

Two-day Zhouzhoumi Seoul trip~

As an “auntie fan” (today I went to have lunch with a friend my age and her kids kept calling me auntie auntie auntie, to the point that I realized, I’m old) I went to Super Show 4 to see Zhou Mimi perform. Since I only went for Zhou Mi I’m only going to write about him, and anyway if you told me to write about the others I wouldn’t be able to; after his solo I just spaced out and did stretches. A four hour concert + two hours of lining up beforehand; standing for six-seven hours two days in a row is actually really tiring. (I’m old, my strength’s not up to par) (there are probably going to be a lot of parenthetical notes in this, too much to snark about)

November 19, 2011 7:00pm

Every time I always have to worry about whether or not he has a solo, whether or not SJM will come out and when, if they’ll appear during the ending, etc. The first day my flight got in at 6am, and after meeting up with my friend, who coincidentally was vacationing in Seoul (thank you for letting me crash for the night), it was about time to head to the stadium. The first day, we were in Section C.

Because we didn’t know when he’d appear, so I didn’t pay that much attention to SJ’s performance onstage (I also don’t really listen to Korean music, though they sang a ton of English today XD). But when the music started for Perfection I immediately started screaming (it’s pretty much already instinctual). [He’s] tall, which makes him easy to spot, and the only person I could see on the stage was Zhou Mi. I’m not exaggerating, I didn’t look away from him for a second. Though they’ve sung this song like thousands of times this was the first time I’d listened to the Korean version live, but Mimi was able to finish it perfectly~ In the middle “every time we meet” section [note: his bridge solo], the screams around me were really loud, heh~

After that I started waiting for his solo; because Henry had already performed his I figured Zhou Mi probably had one too (it’s always like this for Henmi fans, having to wage a mental battle until you feel like going crazy). I couldn’t know whether he’d come out, and when, or what song he’d perform, or if he’d designed yet another incredibly strange dance outfit with glasses (Shindong “upgraded” his Miss Chic glasses and wore them in his solo XD), and I didn’t want to miss a single detail… when Don’t Don started my ears perked up, thinking, they aren’t going to come out and rap, are they? But nothing happened in the middle, and he didn’t appear before the song ended. When I wasn’t feeling much of anything he appeared… it didn’t matter whether or not the stage lights converged on him, I had my gaze on him (haha). [*T/N: In Chinese the word for “gaze” includes the character for “light” XD]

But when, dressed in yellow, he stood at the center of the stage and sang his first note, I suddenly felt quite calm. I took this entire trip in the first place for this moment, I should pay attention as I watch the results of his hard work (and the results of my hard work of course, if I hadn’t taken an awful conference and suffered for three weeks to get two extra days’ vacation I couldn’t have come, criessss) and then I realized Zhou Mi was singing in English

Zhou Mi was singing in English

Zhou Mi was singing in English !

Zhou Mi was singing in English !!!

(Since it was Korea I wasn’t expecting him to sing Chinese and this wasn’t the first time he’d ever sung in English but I’m just putting on a surprised face, for the show.)

(And it was a female artist’s song again! And one I’d never heard before!! Next time could you maybe sing Jingle Bells so I can at least sing along…)

Okay anyway so his accent is so cute… so cute… so cute… (every time I hear “because” I wonder if there was something wrong with the sound XDDD) his voice sounded lovely as usual, but his expression was stiff and he looked way too nervous, standing so tall, his yellow coat so sharp (he didn’t dance, I approve~)

After his solo I just waited for the ending, and since it didn’t concern me anymore I backed up to rest. But then I was horrified by Ryeowook’s Gollum costume.. wasn’t that a little too… liberal… so scary (laughs)

When the ending started we “swam” up front again. but actually today was pretty okay, not too squished (the second show was so crowded I thought I was going to die), and I could tell that half were international fans XD. SJ said a ton of things but I didn’t understand a word; when they were asked to come out the response was very good, it’s just that my Korean is totally nonexistent hahaha when he speaks Mandarin I have to struggle to understand but when he speaks Korean I [know I can’t even understand a little bit, so I was able to relax. He kept bunching up his hands and stood very straight and you could tell he was nervous. Henry and Eunhyuk were on either side of him (keke, and here I started looking for Kyuhyun, but before I could find him I saw that he was already next to Mi @.@, I have no idea when he ended up standing over there, but Eunhyuk had been shoved away XDDDDD)

Epilogue: because the show started late it also ended late, and after it ended the last train was already gone, and I was kicked off the train halfway to our destination. A lot of people ended up competing for taxis; it was late and cold, so that was a totally new experience. Because I’ve watched way too many crime movies I didn’t dare take a taxi alone in an unfamiliar place, but I was lucky enough to meet a mother and daughter duo from Singapore who’d also just come from Super Show and were staying in a hotel not far from mine, so we not only shared a taxi but they paid my share of the fare (I’m so sorry), so thank you so much.

By the time I got back to my room my mouth was dry and I practically had no voice, but I kept bothering my totally innocent only-here-to-be-a-tourist friend and telling her about how good Zhou Mi looked. I think she wanted to hit me.

Nov 20, 2011 4:00pm.

It was so cold today. (I keep complaining about how November temperatures in Hong Kong are still in the 20s, warm enough to wear short sleeves and still humid, but having experienced 3-degree weather I’m starting to appreciate Hong Kong’s weather) It was so cold. I’m from the Asian tropics, in this weather my skin was already splitting.

Why they did something as insane as making us line up by ticket number two hours before the concert I don’t know (yesterday, getting into the venue was a huge mess but I couldn’t even complain — because I was frozen stiff). Today in Section B I already knew when he was coming out, so I just leisurely “swam” to a suitable spot and that worked out fine. Today there were way more people stuffed in the pit. The setlist was the same, and his nervousness also seemed the same (laughs).

For Perfection, he came onstage right next to our section and all I could see was his back, because the performance was on the central stage. Being able to see the front one day and the back next isn’t bad. His solo was on par with yesterday’s (including his accent hahahahahaha) without very many embellishments or little things [T/N: basically, any additional movements that aren’t part of the performance]. After I finished screaming I found an area with fewer people crowded and breathed in and out, [the crowd] was too much to take…

During the ending today Leeteuk talked so much. I kept wondering, when are they going to come out? But when they did come out Leeteuk said something and after the concert I was frantically searching for translations. Henmi looked so nervous when they came out~ After Destiny they circled around the extended stage, and Zhou Mi kept bowing at fans all around the stadium (I want to pat his head)

[[ Here she included the fancam/transcript of Zhou Mi’s ending talk, which you can read here: http://wp.me/p16E80-ih ]

And so two days ended. He sang one more song than I thought he would, and I’m really pleased and extremely happy.

Onstage he honestly looks really manly.

Seriously though in the face of Mr. Zhou I can only stare, tongue-tied and unable to speak, or with my mouth wide open screaming my head off, all of them quite unmeaningful reactions (laughs).

Having someone in your life who can render you completely useless just by appearing before you is a blessed thing, I suppose.

(Just feeling this way about a celebrity is fine; to a boyfriend you have to stand tall).

Mimi, jiayou.

WRITTEN BY: shi0007 (http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1293848735)
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

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