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[Fanaccounts] 111119-111120 SS4 Seoul: Zhou Mi HK/China/TW ELF Compilation


☆☆☆ HONG KONG ☆☆☆

maru: Two days of SS4 have ended, and I got to see the Zhou Mimi I haven’t seen in a really long time. His solo was fantastic, his smile very warm [cries] Today, his smile during the ending was very sweet, and he kept meeting fans’ eyes and bowing and even blowing kisses [crazy] after a second I was so shy I held up my sign and blocked my face because I didn’t dare look at him [crazy] Zhou Mimi finally got a solo in Korea! I’m so moved, now everyone has seen his hard work and his talent [cries] *I also met a super pretty European Mitang [crazy] She was super nice and was afraid she’d block me so she let me stand in front of her [cries]

☆☆☆ CHINA ☆☆☆

jupiter346: Zhou Mi also had a solo. Even though I don’t really feel anything toward him either way, when I saw that quite a few people around me decided to run to the restroom during his solo, I couldn’t help but get really angry. I really hope that he was blinded by the stage lights and couldn’t see what was happening, or the disparity probably would have hurt him.

sourire: Listening to you sing “Because of You,” idiotically standing there by myself holding up a sign for you, as I saw the people around me purposefully run into me as they moved past, an entire stream of people. I couldn’t help but cry. I want to ask, to these so-called fans, are you not capable of even the most basic of respect? Even if the person onstage is someone you don’t like, could you maybe not act as though he doesn’t exist?

Yesterday was fine. In fact, the cheers for him were pretty loud! But today…

xianqi: Eeteuk had us scream to protect Super Junior. But we refused and kept saying “13.” And there was a moment of cold, awkward silence. Eeteuk really wanted everyone to support Henry and Zhou Mi — during the encore, the two of them were in the very front, on the left and right wings [T/N: They spread out for the encore song, Destiny]. Perhaps I was brainwashed; perhaps the holy spirit came down and made me good; perhaps it was because Zhou Mi and Henry’s smiles when, in the course of these two days, I waved to them and screamed to them in Chinese, Zhou Mi, Liu Xianhua, infected me — but I just don’t want to bear them the slightest bit of ill will anymore.

And actually, when Zhou Mi and Henry came out for their solos, many Chinese fans immediately knelt or sat down. But Japanese fans, Korean fans, European and American fans just kept screaming, things like Henry is so cute, Zhou Mi is so cool — to say that this didn’t break my heart would be lying…

☆☆☆ TAIWAN ☆☆☆

adhocangel: Zhou Mi looks really good in yellow!

His solo was very serious and emotional. Won’t everyone please love him more~ and… stop going to the bathroom….. = =”

I really like his solo in the second half of Perfection. Very powerful!

a: I got the impression there were a lot of Taiwanese people in my section, and they were screaming for everyone. There were even people trying to do the Chinese fanchant for Perfection, though mostly in the end XD Also I don’t know if it’s because I was focused too hard on the stage, but both days people said a lot of fans left for the bathroom [during Zhou Mi’s solo], but I didn’t notice any in my section? I actually was hoping the disinterested people would get out so I could get closer to the stage.

ykichi: I was so moved when Mi ge came out and everyone in the stadium started chanting his name together TTTT Even though there were still people who immediately sat down or took the time to use the restroom, there were still a lot who were very loudly screaming “Zhou Mi.” I was really really moved QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

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