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[Weibo] 111125-27 Claire Kuo Concert — Zhou Mi mentions

Note: One of the groups of friends Zhou Mi frequently met with during SJM’s longstay included Claire, Tina, and Jiazhen. Watch Zhou Mi’s support VCR here.

[111125 20:43]
Tina Wang
, author and lyricist for Linfair Records:

@ZhouMi Thank you, most considerate Mimi, for especially taking the time from your busy schedule to record this VCR for Claire, even as you were in Korea preparing for your own concert! You are so sweet! [heart]

[111125 22:00]
Li Jiazhen
, Gold Typhoon Records manager —

I just sent a photo of the performance to Mimi, he says: Guo Jing is so pretty [heehee] [praise]

[111127 12:21]
Claire Kuo (Guo Jing):

Two days dedicated to my concerts ended perfectly yesterday. Thank you to everyone who came to listen to me sing; even though my vocal cords weren’t at their best for the performance, you still gave me such loud cheers and applause; I am so thankful! Thank you JJ Lin, Zhou Mi for your support VCRs, thank you to my company senior Fanfan, ClaireNation, and Xiaoxia jie for the beautiful flowers…

SOURCES: tina, jiazhen, claire
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

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