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[Fanaccount] 111231 Zhou Mi at Beijing Capital Airport

WRITTEN BY: 觅家丫头 @ baidu zhou mi bar
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

Today I was incredibly excited. Last night I had to work until 2am, and so I specifically set an alarm. But I ended up not being able to sleep I was so excited, so I climbed out of bed at 6:30. By the time I got to the airport it was 9, since I was afraid Zhou Mi would leave early. I first found Qianqian, along with a foreign Honey, Kai Jia. Our legs were already tired from standing and he still hadn’t arrived. And then Saranghae also arrived.

We waited and waited, and yet the main character still had yet to show up. Qianqian was waiting outside, and Kai Jia and I were waiting inside. Every time I saw a fashionable and attractive man I’d stare at him (not because I was smitten or anything, I was just afraid Zhou Mi’s slip past me right before my eyes). And then I saw a beautiful young man who was dressed very fashionable, with very eye-catching hair. Even though I couldn’t see him clearly, I could somehow feel that this was Zhou Mi, so I tapped Kai Jia and said: “Look at him, that’s Zhou Mi, right?”

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[Fanaccount] 111121 HK Honey meeting Zhou Mi in Seoul

SOURCE: wsmsophia
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

After going to the Everysing in Apgujeong, I was originally planning on taking the main street back to the metro station, but decided that while I was here I may as well take a look at the side streets, to see if there was anything interesting there.

After I’d been down two streets, I wanted to go back to the main street, but I suddenly caught sight of the fried chicken place endorsed by Super Junior to my left, so we went over to nose around + some pictures.

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[Weibo] 111220 Calvin Chen has hotpot with Zhou Mi in Beijing

Calvin is the original poster; the second two are reblogs (made by the other people in the photo). Calvin’s and Andy’s posts were originally in English.


One night in Beijing! Surprise again @LiuYan @ChenZhengfeiAndy @ZhouMi_SJM

Calvin first posted this photo without mentioning Zhou Mi, and then deleted it and put his name in before reposting XD ♥ Originally in English except for mentions and “Beijing.”


Finally! It’s about time!

Originally posted in English. Andy is the host of MTV China’s Tian Lai Cun, which SJM appeared on in 2009. It’s the random Chinese show with a lot of random English. Andy is Canadian.


The stars from the day before yesterday have already fallen, disappeared into the glorious galaxy [cute] I want to remember but have already forgotten; yesterday’s stars, today’s stars are still sparkling as before! [loveyou] On what past life did I earn this much good fortune, three hot guys having hot pot with me [haha]

She is talking about actual stars, like twinkle twinkle. = =

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCE: http://weibo.com/chencalvin777, http://www.weibo.com/vjandy, http://www.weibo.com/guangxianliuyan

[Fanaccount] 111219 Zhou Mi at Beijing Capital Airport

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OP: 为觅一切 @ baidu

The fanaccount is here!!!

It’s been so long since I last wrote one~~ I was so excited yesterday, I forgot all about the fanaccount even today!! Thankfully Gougou jie reminded me!!! So please don’t be annoyed with my messy fanaccount~~

I got up very early on the 19th and sped directly to the airport, super excited. On the way there I was totally bombarded with texts, calls, and PMs, telling me Zhou Mi’s plane was early and had already landed [The flight was scheduled for 10:25 but actually arrived at 9:55.] Holy crap, I started rushing like crazy, but thankfully thankfully when I got to the exit Zhou Mi hadn’t come out yet. I nearly worried myself to death! The result of Mr. Zhou coming in early was that a lot of us girls weren’t able to get to the airport on time~~ As I waited for the others to arrive, I also kept a lookout for Mr. Zhou.

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[Archive] Zhou Mi Album Thanks To Messages

☆☆☆ ME ☆☆☆

Finally, our new album has been released. Before this, I always used to think about what I’d write in my thanks to; now that I’m really writing one I’m realizing that there are tons of people to thank! Dad, Mom~ I love you! Special thanks goes to Teacher Lee Sooman, President Kim Minyoung, and Director Jung Changhwan for all of your care and instruction~

And to the people who’ve been helping me all this time, thank you Hyunhee noona… without you the me right now wouldn’t exist, Jung Ah noona, Hee Jun noona, Yoon Jung noona, Ah Reum noona, this past year, you’ve done so much for me.

Lee Jung noona, Me Hey noona, Shanliang jiejie, Kwon Yoon Jung noona… you’ve truly worked hard, next time we record let’s order pizza together again~

Sung Kil noona… don’t let yourself become too tired, you have to rest more~ Director Yoo Young Jin, Yeon Jung noona, and my managers, Yulong ge, Minwook ge, Young Jun hyung, Seung Hwan hyung and Zhiyang ge^^ Let’s keep working hard together in the future. To everyone in SMTOWN who worked so hard for this album, thank you!! Teacher Madong, Teacher Zhuyi, thank you so much for your help. To my “family,” the adorable members of SJ-M, you’ve all worked hard!

Lastly, I’d like to thank all my fans, who have been giving me support and love since before I debuted up until now~ I’ve seen the cheers you’ve all been giving me~ For you, Zhou Mi will work hard to the best of his ability, so he doesn’t let any of you down~ ^^

I love you all! <bows~> I hope everyone will like our songs ^^ Please look forward to our accomplishments! SJ-M FIGHTING!!

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Translation Masterlist

This is a masterlist of all translations except weibo translations, which can be browsed via the miniblog category. You can also browse by individual category (see the column on the right).


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[Transcript] 111213 SM Global Auditions: Zhou Mi, Victoria, Donghae

ZHOU MI: Hello everyone, I am Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi. We at SM Entertainment will be holding large-scale global auditions in 2012. The 2012 SM Global Auditions will be held in Korea, China, America, Canada, Japan, and other countries. These will be the first SM auditions ever held in China. For details about the auditions and signing up, please visit SM Entertainment’s homepage at three w’s, dot smtown dot com. After clicking the banner for the global auditions, select the Chinese homepage to view Chinese content.

VICTORIA: Hello, I am f(x)’s Song Qian. This is the first time SM Entertainment will go directly to China and hold auditions, so we’re really looking forward to it. The SM Entertainment Chinese auditions will be held in Shanghai and Beijing. Shanghai’s auditions will be held on February 5, 2012; Beijing’s on February 12, 2012. SM auditions welcome people of all nationalities, ages, genders, and are now accepting registrations via email. After registration, you will be notified individually of the final location and time details.

DONGHAE: Hello, I’m SJ’s Donghae. To those of you in China, please do participate! Thank you.


[Fanaccounts] 111210-111211 SS4 Osaka: Zhou Mi Fanaccount Compilation


Note: A lot of Japanese fans refer to Zhou Mi as “Zhou Mi unnie” or “Zhou Mi nee” instead of oppa. This is normal. >_> Also, as for “w” or “wwwww”… umm… refer to this face: (´;ω;) the “w” is the mouth~

☆☆☆ DAY ONE ☆☆☆

lin: Most of SJ read their Japanese intros off the teleprompter. Zhou Mi brought a little cheatsheet~

kuraya_1023: Zhou Mi’s Japanese ending speech: “I’m very tall, but in reality I’m cute!”

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[Transcript] 111212 Zhou Mi on Liu Liyang’s new album countdown.

ZHOU MI: Hello, I am Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi! Here I’d first like to congratulate my good friend Liu Liyang on releasing her brand new album, now… I believe that Liuyang put a great deal of energy into this album. I also believe that this new album will be filled with songs as lovely as before! And I hope that everyone can really look forward to and support Liyang’s new album! I won’t say anything else here, okay? Just~ new album, big sales!! Jiayou, Liyang!!

Liu Liyang is a Chinese singer. She and Zhou Mi have been close friends for a while now.

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[Fanaccount] 111120-111121 Fan meeting Zhou Mi outside his dorm

This fanaccount is really, really long. Normally I’d translate everything but this is just too long. =_= So I’m summarizing everything that isn’t a transcription of her interactions with Henry and Zhou Mi. Her conversation with Zhou Mi talks about everything from his book to his weibo, so it’s worth reading orz

This is the full fanaccount by the Zhou Mi fan who waited 25 hours outside Henry and Zhou Mi’s dorm. Note: As of mid to late 2010, Zhou Mi and Henry have moved out of Super Junior’s dorm and into a new building with TRAX’s Jay and Jungmo, affectionately called irreledorm.

Portions of this have been tweeted separately on @zhouminews and those are fine to share, but please don’t repost any other section, and certainly not the full fanaccount. This is out of deference to the writer.
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[She starts the account with a recap of SS4 Seoul, which I’m just going to skip entirely since that’s been covered pretty completely. But basically he bowed to her and kept waving and staring at her lightboard.

On the morning of the 21st she made her way over to Zhou Mi’s dorm with the help of a fanboy. At first she was sitting down on the benches outside the door, then went across the street to try to warm up, then attempted to stand in the sunlight. The security guard gave her tea and then spoke Korean to her; she told him that she was Chinese and was waiting for Zhou Mi, and he laughed and said Oh, and walked away. By this time it was afternoon and the fanboy as well as a Japanese Henry fan were there as well.

She saw Jay come back home and then leave immediately after changing his clothes. Then Henry came out. Conversation as follows:]

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