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[Staff Reports] SCCBDWZ Drama Filming (Zhou Mi mentions)

For the time being, translations of all drama-related staff reports will be added to this post. For other information about the drama (tentatively titled Shi Qu Cheng Bao De Wang Zi), see the sticky drama post.

Fanaccounts can be found here.


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[Weibo] 120120 Co-star Ge Lei posts selcas with Zhou Mi, Liu Chao, Victoria

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCE: Ge Lei (second photo)

Ge Lei, Zhou Mi’s drama co-star (she plays Victoria’s aunt):

At my level I can only think of “handsome” and “pretty”! Or do you think “so handsome” and “very pretty” are more appropriate! [touxiao] [heehee] [heehee] [haha] [haha] [haha] @Zhou Mi @Miss Ge Lei

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[Transcript] 120119 Apple Entertainment News: Calvin and Zhou Mi’s hotel room misunderstanding

VIDEO: Leticiashu

Calvin left Shenzhen for Taiwan the (very early) morning of January 19.


CALVIN: Even funnier is last night, I was coming back [to Taiwan]– okay, I’m going to tell you something funny. Last night I was preparing to go back, so of course I had to check out of my room. So I called Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi, he’s the one filming the drama with me, and I said, “Hey, can I leave my luggage in your room?” So I took a shower and put on my pajamas and dragged my luggage over to his room.

AIFEI: Wha?!

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[Transcript] 120111 Zhou Mi mentioned on Taiwanese makeup show “Queen”


T/N: The show is 女人我最大, and the literal translation is: I, Woman, Am Supreme (has also been translated as “Woman” or “Woman in Me” but is basically a makeup, cosmetics, and feminine lifestyle show targeted towards, uh, people with an inclination towards makeup and fashion.)

Chen Wei is probably part of the group of girls Zhou Mi and Danson were hanging out with in Seoul.

Begins @ 2:43 — This segment is where each of the guests introduce ~new and exciting~ makeup products that they ~have to buy~ when they go abroad, which is why Chen Wei talks about going to Korea.

CHEN WEI: I only just got back from Korea last week. And! I have a secret to reveal, because among my group of friends we have a Super Junior member, he’s– He’s– He’s–

EVERYONE: What? Who?! (etc)

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[Fanaccounts] “When Love Walked In” Drama Filming — Zhou Mi Spottings

For the time being, translations of all drama-related fan accounts and reports will be added to this post. For other information about the drama (tentatively titled Shi Qu Cheng Bao De Wang Zi), see the sticky drama post.

Staff accounts can be found here.

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[Fanaccount] 120107 Zhou Mi and Liu Chao at their Shenzhen hotel

WRITTEN BY: 维尼真爱工会
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

This fanaccount was written by Khuntoria fans who waited at the actors’ hotel in Shenzhen for Victoria and is actually about their food support project, but I only translated the part about Zhou Mi (and LC, since she talked about both of them at once). They didn’t manage to meet Victoria, but they met Zhou Mi, Liu Chao, and Calvin. It’s not very informative but there’s barely any news of him, so…

Note: Saying someone’s face/head is small is a compliment… it’s considered attractive

While we were waiting, we met Zhou Mi and Liu Chao. Zhou Mi is for real skinny, with a small little head, small little face, but he’s really tall. Pipi is 166cm and she had to look way up to see him. He’s pretty nice too, as we were asking him questions he kept smiling. Liu Chao is healthy thin and super good-looking in person, with a really sweet smile. We spoke with both of them. If you met either of them in person, you’d definitely be awed. (PS: Pictures were not allowed, so we don’t have any, please don’t ask us.)

[News] 120106 f(x) Victoria tackles a Taiwanese drama, avoids dubbing: gives her first time to Calvin Chen

SOURCE: Apple Daily
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

The Chinese member of Korean girl group f(x), Song Qian (Victoria), has advanced onto the TV screen, and will soon be appearing as part of a love triangle with Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen and Super Junior M’s Chinese member Zhou Mi in the idol drama Shi Qu Cheng Bao De Wang Zi (The Prince(s) Without A Castle), to be released by proxy by GTV. Her first onscreen kiss might be given to Calvin Chen!

[Omitted part listing Korean stars who have starred in Taiwanese dramas in recent years.] But none of them could speak Chinese, so they had to rely on dubbing artists to be their “spokespeople.” However, Chinese is both Song Qian and Zhou Mi’s mother tongue, so language is not a problem [this time].

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[OHP Message] 120102 [From.ZHOUMI] 2012 Special Massage!^^

SMTOWN released “Special Massages” from all of their artists. Obviously, this is a typo. Zhou Mi didn’t make this typo.

(click for full view)

Text version:

Thank you for your support all this time. SJ-M will keep on working hard ^^ I love you ^^
May you be blessed in the new year.

I wish everyone
a happy new year in 2012^!

Note: Zhou Mi wrote the message half in Korean and half in Chinese. Korean text is in blue.

TRANSLATED BY @zhouminews

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[Photos] 120102 Zhou Mi and Liu Chao at Incheon Airport (26p)

PHOTOS BY: thefoxycat

Zhou Mi and Liu Chao, an SM trainee, flew to Shenzhen Airport in order to start filming their drama. ^^

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[Predebut/Interview] 060817-060823 Zhou Mi leaving the CCTV Hosting Challenge for Korea

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

The following two articles are about Challenging the Host, CCTV’s annual televised hosting competition. (It’s sponsored by Mengniu Dairy. That comes up later.) In 2006, Zhou Mi easily made it to the Final 16 before withdrawing from the competition. The first article is an interview with him, Yu Mai, and Zheng Lei, all of them Final 16 contestants. Zhou Mi had already announced his intent to pull out of the competition before the interview was held. (Note: he was an extremely popular contestant.)

The second article talks about Zhou Mi’s motivations for and feelings about leaving the competition to train in Korea. His language is very evasive; he never mentions SM Entertainment by name nor does he even say that he’s joining an entertainment company. Instead, he talks about it in terms of being accepted to a Korean university for a study abroad program, most likely because SM didn’t want his entrance into their training program to be too high-profile. Zhou Mi’s wins were being reported on Xinhua and Sohu Entertainment and syndicated everywhere.

More notes where applicable.

Challenging the Host Becomes White-Hot: The Dreams of the Final 16

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