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[Predebut/Interview] 060817-060823 Zhou Mi leaving the CCTV Hosting Challenge for Korea

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The following two articles are about Challenging the Host, CCTV’s annual televised hosting competition. (It’s sponsored by Mengniu Dairy. That comes up later.) In 2006, Zhou Mi easily made it to the Final 16 before withdrawing from the competition. The first article is an interview with him, Yu Mai, and Zheng Lei, all of them Final 16 contestants. Zhou Mi had already announced his intent to pull out of the competition before the interview was held. (Note: he was an extremely popular contestant.)

The second article talks about Zhou Mi’s motivations for and feelings about leaving the competition to train in Korea. His language is very evasive; he never mentions SM Entertainment by name nor does he even say that he’s joining an entertainment company. Instead, he talks about it in terms of being accepted to a Korean university for a study abroad program, most likely because SM didn’t want his entrance into their training program to be too high-profile. Zhou Mi’s wins were being reported on Xinhua and Sohu Entertainment and syndicated everywhere.

More notes where applicable.

Challenging the Host Becomes White-Hot: The Dreams of the Final 16

MODERATOR: Hello, netizens! Today we have Yu Mai, Zheng Lei, and Zhou Mi here for an online interview. Please give us lots of support!

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: Opening lines: Hello everyone, because of computer problems, we’re starting a little late. I’m Zhou Mi!

BAI CHONGYIN: Zhou Mi, haven’t you already withdrawn from the competition? Why are you here as a guest?

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: I wanted to have the chance to chat with Challenging‘s audience and all of you who’ve been supporting me before leaving, so I’m here!

HALLY1986: Zhou Mi, could you tell us about your withdrawal from the contest? Why?

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: Because I’m going to Korea to practice music. My dream is to become a singer, so I’d like to learn more while I’m still young. I believe that in the near future, I’ll have the chance to meet with all of you!

HUANXIANGCHUCHU: Zhou Mi, what’s your ideal life?

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: It’s very simple, I just want to realize one of my dreams, to become a singer, with friends who like me. My very first dream was to become a singer, so I think I should be developing in that direction in the future. But if I have the chance, and if everyone wants to see me hosting, I’ll try that out too.

DOUNIBUDAZHE: Zhou Mi, during the 80 to 40 challenge, I was not at all pleased by your performance. I actually thought there was a huge gap between your and Gao Yang. But during the 40 to 16 challenge, I realized you are actually really strong. Is it because you weren’t able to display yourself well? Or did you “upgrade” yourself later?

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: Actually during the 80 to 40 challenge I said quite a lot, but because that section was dedicated to singing, everyone might have thought that my verbal expression was lacking. I’ve always considered my hosting to be a phase of learning. By the 40 to 16 challenge, I think I’d learned even more about hosting, and matured a lot, so what I was able to show was better than in the 80 to 40 challenge.

NIUNIU01: Zhou Mi, I really like your hosting style, it’s sunshiney, natural, and relaxed. Is your own attitude usually like this?

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: The discrepancy between the stage and real life is negligible. I’m not particularly an expert at either performing or hosting, so what I’m showing should be my natural qualities.

DOUNIBUDAZHE: Could the three of you tell us who you think the strongest contestants are?

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: Zheng Lei, Wang Yan.

GREENPEGGY: There’s a male idol competition in Shanghai. If the three of you were to compete, what do you think your advantages would be? And what’s your idea of a “good man”?

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: I think that Zheng Lei’s advantages would be his personality and demeanor; Yuan Mai studies acting, so I think that he would make a more lively performance, this is his specialty. I like to sing, so of course singing would be my advantage.

DOUNIBUDAZHE: I’d like to ask you a very reality-based question: if of the three of you, only one could stay in the competition, who would you want to keep?

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHENG LEI]: Zhou Mi, because a very reality-based problem is: he is going to leave very soon, and to tell you the truth, I really can’t bear to see him go.

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: Zheng Lei, firstly because he and I get along better, and second because he really is quite capable.

[SPECIAL GUEST: YU MAI]: I agree with Zheng Lei’s opinion.

[SPECIAL GUEST: ZHOU MI]: Ending Talk: Today I’d like to thank you all for coming to chat with me. I think today was a really good opportunity, because aside from being able to talk with you all, it also gave me a chance to see my two good friends Zheng Lei, Yu Mai again. In the future, I will work hard! Even though I will no longer be on Challenging‘s stage, but I believe that my fellow challengers, those good friends of mine, will continue my dreams and keep walking forward! I also hope everyone can continue to support them. I also hope that I can keep working hard in Korea, and I believe that the time until we are able to meet next won’t be too long! Thank you everyone! Goodbye! :)


Mengniu’s Challenging the Host Contestant Zhou Mi: I actually don’t want to leave

Mengniu Breakfast Milk’s Challenging the Host —- CCTV Variety Show: Hosting Competition —- After successfully clearing the final 16 in the second 40 to 16 round of the competition, southern contestant Zhou Mi has declared his intent to withdraw from the competition to the organizational committee. Why would “Prince Mimi,” now incredibly popular among the show’s audience, leave the stage he so passionately loves at this juncture? With this question in mind, a reporter called him on the phone……

I actually don’t want to leave

In regards to choosing to leave the stage of Mengniu Breakfast Milk’s Challenging the Host, Zhou Mi seemed very calm. He said that even though his major was performance with a focus on hosting, before entering Challenging the Host he had never envisioned himself becoming an MC. Ever since he was young, his greatest dream was becoming a singer. In the face of all the strong contestants on “Challenging the Host,” that he was able to make the Final 16, made him feel very lucky.

“If this development hadn’t happened, I would have continued the Challenging the Host journey.” Zhou Mi said, “In August I’m going to go to Korea to study abroad, learning music. This is has always been my biggest dream. Actually, my parents had already received the notice of acceptance from Korea in June, but at the time, I was in the middle of the Challenging the Host competition. They were afraid that I’d get distracted, so they didn’t tell me. It wasn’t until after the semifinal 40 into 16 round…”

To be honest, everyone knows about Zhou Mi’s passion for music. Zhou Mi, who has won nearly ten national singing championships at such a young age, brightened up the stage of Challenging the Host with his energetic song and dance. Judge Yang Xiadan once said: with qualifications like Zhou Mi’s, it’d be a waste for him to simply be an MC! Zhou Mi, on the other hand, doesn’t feel this way at all, but the temptation presented to him by music was too great. In the face of this opportunity, he still had to choose to leave, even though he still carries an infinite amount of longing for Challenging the Host‘s stage.

The person I most want to wish well

Because of Zhou Mi’s withdrawal, a contestant will be selected from the pool of 24 who did not make the Final 16 to take Zhou Mi’s place in the next stage. The reporter asked him, who do you most wish to have this chance? Zhou Mi smiled very matter-of-factly and said, “If thinking from the perspective of someone from the southern competitional region, I’d naturally hope for one of my team to be given this chance, hopefully Li Yue. I saw his contest performance and felt it was regretful that he lost. He’s a very competent contestant, and I think he will certainly have the chance to go even further down the road [in his career]. But if I set aside the role of regional contestant, North or South, then the person I most want to wish well is—- Xiong Hui.”

At this, Zhou Mi paused for a moment, and then smiled. At this frank response, the reporter was a bit shocked. After all, following that particular competition, the rumors surrounding this dream couple were numerous. Such a frank, unevasive response could perhaps only be said by someone as sincere as Zhou Mi. “Actually, offstage, Xiong Hui and I weren’t very close, but after that face-off stage we became very good friends. The competition didn’t even seem like a competition at all; we were both very relaxed, and were able to present very realistic attitudes, and attain the highest level [of performance]. After I saw a rerun at home, I sent Xiong Hui a text message. I said to her, I want to leave this opportunity to you, because I think she needs it more than I do.”

In the 40 to 16 (semifinal) round, Zhou Mi faced off against Xiong Hui, a young woman four years older than him. Their entire scenario was an act in which they pretended (?) to have feelings for one another. The judges and audience were captivated by their chemistry, but only one of them could proceed to the next round and the judges picked Zhou Mi. In separate interviews before they faced off, Xiong Hui expressed a clear fascination with him, though Zhou Mi seemed totally uninterested. Despite this, rumors and discussions about the two flew around the internet. Zhou Mi abruptly announced his withdrawal soon after and then left for Korea in the same month. Xiong Hui was indeed selected by the judges to take Zhou Mi’s place, but ultimately did not win. She became a small-time broadcast personality after the hosting challenge ended but cut off contact with everyone from the competition. She announced on weibo in 2011 that she was getting married, and then disappeared from the internet.

Zhou Mi also said candidly, of all the contestants he thinks Zheng Lei has the best chance of winning. In his one words, “Zheng Lei is just too smart. He always has very unique ideas, is always surprising us at every turn. His appearance might work against him a little, but I’m still most optimistic about his prospects.”

Thank you for your love!

As Challenging the Host‘s number one cool guy, Zhou Mi is highly popular among the audience. After hearing that he was going to leave, many people felt disappointed. To this, Zhou Mi wanted to say, even though he is going to leave the Challenging the Host stage, and move to Korea to study music, he is putting no limits on his future. If the opportunity arises after he returns to China, he would be willing to meet with everyone once again as an MC, because he learned a great deal in the process of Challenging the Host. He also discovered all the hosting talents he has, and none of the above can be separated from the love and support shown to him by the audience. “Thank you for your love!” This is what Zhou Mi most wants to say to those of you who like him.

Friends, jiayou!

As to his friends who continue to fight on the stage of Mengniu Breakfast Milk’s Challenging the Host, Zhou Mi would like to say: “Truly, don’t give too much weight to the outcome of the competition. In this competition, the most important thing is the entire journey. Everyone, just relax and give it your best shot. Every one of you is amazing, and I will keep on supporting you all!”

In conclusion: Zhou Mi has left, but the footsteps of the challenge are still hurried. We believe that, with “Prince Mimi”‘s well wishes in mind, our challengers will be able to be even more calm and unhurried. “In the very beginning, we are singing, and in the end, we are walking away…” No matter who is the last one standing on the stage, their youths will be without regret, especially a youth spent experiencing the stage of a challenge, having cried, having laughed, all to your heart’s content. From today forward, let endings end, and beginnings begin! Mengniu Breakfast Milk’s Challenging the Host — bravely fight on, in the end you’ll succeed!

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

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