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[Weibo] 120227 Liu Chao reposts group selca from January 20

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCE: Liu Chao

Liu Chao, SM China trainee and Zhou Mi’s costar/friend:

[hehe] [hehe] [hehe] I haven’t officially started using my weibo~ but a lot of you have already felt your way over here.. thank you! I will work hard as well! [touxiao] [makes face] “Love Rushed In” and “The Prince Who Lost His Castle” jiayou~ [toohappy]

Liu Chao is precious ㅠㅠ and super good/close to Zhou Mi and his weibo is new so follow him~~~ http://www.weibo.com/u/2608833147 /biased reporting

[Lyrics] Skip Beat OST: Zhou Mi – “Bu Liu Ji Nian (Goodbye)”

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
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不留紀念 (Goodbye)
Bu Liu Ji Nian (Leaving No Memories)

Composed by: You Zhenghao
Lyrics by: You Zhenghao/Choco/Jerry Feng
Performed by: Zhou Mi (Super Junior M)

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[Fanaccount] 120220 Zhou Mi at Haikou Meilan Airport

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCE: 小琼呆呆

After SS4 Singapore, Zhou Mi and the rest of the Super Junior entourage went immediately to Changi Airport. Previously it was assumed by most of his Chinese fans that he’d either fly to Shenzhen, pick up his things, and then go to Haikou (for drama filming), or fly directly to Haikou. There are no late-night flights to either Shenzhen or Haikou, so everyone assumed he hadn’t boarded a plane.

It turns out that he boarded a midnight flight to Shanghai (a 5-hr flight) and then, from Shanghai, took a flight to Haikou (3 hours), getting him in at around 12pm. If he had flown directly from Singapore to Haikou, he would’ve arrived in the evening, too late for filming.

From 11-something to 11:50, I started getting nervous, wondering what I’d say if I saw him, wondering what would happen if I was a disappointment and got too excited and started crying. At noon on the dot, he and his manager appeared. As he waited for his luggage, he was playing with his phone, totally noticeable amidst the crowd. I was in too much of a rush this morning and forgot to bring my glasses out and was worrying that I wouldn’t be able to see him; who knew that he’d be so stunning – even nearsighted, I recognized him in an instant. So tall and so cool, he’s really good-looking in person, especially without any makeup on!!

He’d wrapped himself up in sunglasses and a scarf, but he was wearing a white t-shirt. Is this style for cold weather or warm weather? And no need to speculate, the shirt was indeed the ever-present YSL, and his scarf was the plaid!! But it still looked really good!!

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[Transcripts] 120218-120219 SS4 Singapore: Zhou Mi Talks

FANCAM BY: asinglevoice, sangsanghae

(starts at 1:32)

KYUHYUN: (in English) Hello, I’m Zhou Mi.

ZHOU MI: Hello, everyone! I’m Zhou Mi. Um… This is my second time coming to Singapore. And today I sang my new song for you, I’m so happy. Did you like it? I hope that in the future Super Junior M will be able to promote in Singapore. I love you!

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[Weibo] 120214-120215 Ge Lei, Calvin Chen, Kara update about Zhou Mi

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCES: Ge Lei, Calvin Chen, KaRa_KaRa

Ge Lei, costar on Zhou Mi’s drama:

So are you jealous?! Happy Valentine’s Day! [makes face] @ZhouMi @ChenYiru @SongQian @ShaoXiangSean

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[Fanaccounts] 120202-120205 SS4 Taiwan: Zhou Mi Reports

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

☆☆☆ FEBRUARY 2 ☆☆☆

aiko: Why would you treat Zhou Mi like this?!! Before, a school senior told me that when she went to SS4 in Seoul, once Zhou Mi came out onstage a bunch of people went to use the restroom! I wanted to say that at our Taiwanese stop this would never happen, but I was wrong!! Yesterday I saw it with my own eyes, I was really shocked!! And it was really obvious that a bunch of people were moving, too!

Most people agree that a lot of people left to use the bathroom during Zhou Mi’s solo on all the days, or, if they stayed, played with their phones or started talking. It prompted some Taiwanese ELF to create a support video for him, even = = Watch it here. But yeah, it was noticeable enough that a bunch of people were pretty angry about it.

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[Weibo] 120209 Fang Jiayi (college friend) meets up with Zhou Mi in Shenzhen

Fang Jiayi, Zhou Mi’s college friend, currently an actor:

Zhou Mimi is here in Shenzhen filming #The Prince Who Lost His Castle# He’s playing the prince. The prince isn’t filming today, so last night he took the time to meet with his friends from college. Because our friendship has lasted so long, only by using old photograph effects can we clearly present it. Wow. In a flash, we’ve known each other for 8 years. Can I say that we’ve grown up together? The two of you haven’t changed, the butcher’s knife of time has heartlessly only ravaged me, turning me from a shota to an old uncle, a thin man into a fat one! @ZhenSha

[Transcripts] 120202-120203 Super Show 4 in Taiwan: Zhou Mi Talks

AUDIO/VIDEO BY: emily830125

Blue text means they’re speaking in Korean.

DAY ONE (120202) – Ending Talk.

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[Transcript] 120207 JKPOP Craze — Calvin talks about Zhou Mi

BEGINS 1:50, after a segment about tall members of jpop/kpop bands (XD):

CALVIN: Next I’m going to talk about Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi. Now he’s my good friend, OK? I mean, he was my friend before, too, but lately we’ve become extremely close, because we’ve been filming together everyday. So now – the reason I came back to Taiwan is for the audience of JKPOP Craze; otherwise I’d be in Shenzhen filming my drama. Everyone knows that. Yes. And Zhou Mi is filming too. Victoria is filming too. And um.. it’s pretty nice, being able to interact with them. I hope that in the future, I’ll be able to share any firsthand news of the drama with you guys, okay? Everyone, look forward to it! Not only to their musical p– not only to our musical performance, but our drama as well.

VIDEO BY: 77Amika

[Weibo] 120206 Claire Kuo with Zhou Mi

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCE: claire kuo’s weibo

Claire Kuo, Taiwanese singer and Zhou Mi’s friend:

Last night I watched a special effects-filled, fun, and very warm concert~~ so pleased to have met with Zhou Mi tongxue*, who I haven’t seen in ages [heehee]

“tongxue” means classmate but is just used as a friendly suffix between friends/close coworkers, usually when the speaker is older than the other person (she is older than him)