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[Weibo] 120604-120608 Liu Liu, Liu Chao mention Zhou Mi

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Translated by: @zhouminews
Sources: 刘柳66汐 + Liu Chao

LiuLiu66xi: Oh my, oh my. Suddenly ran into this picture on a friend’s profile~ our singer, dancer, actor pro Mister Zhou Mimi changed professions to stylist and is working hard to style… me, who accidentally polluted everyone’s eyballs [touxiao] Though his gaze was very concentrated, his lines very precise, and his skill very adept, because he didn’t pick the right subject, it still ended in failure…

[REBLOG] Liu Chao: [shock] [shock] [shock] No wonder I remember you looking a little weird that day.. I thought someone had punched you in the face.. so that’s why…

Ge Lei: Don’t think of me anymore! I’ve decided to announce that “I have officially wrapped my drama part again!” After I watch tomorrow’s SMT concert, you won’t see me for a while! [haha] [haha] [haha] [yeah] [yeah] [yeah] [toohappy] [toohappy] [toohappy] Song Qian @TongXiaoyan @LiuChaoRyan

[REBLOG] Liu Chao: Congrats congrats~ Mom’s going to watch SMT? My little cousin is no longer the little cousin of before [kelian] You have to “teach her” properly [touxiao] Also when you see your second son “Li Shanglin,” don’t get too excited! [touxiao] [touxiao] [touxiao]

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