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120904 Mi Zian with Zhou Mi

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Translated by: @zhouminews
Source: mi zian

Mi Zian plays Li Mingqiong in When Love Walked In. Her character is Zhou Mi’s character’s little sister.

Mi Zian, When Love Walked In costar:

I’ve always wanted an older brother so much. I want to tag along behind him around forever~

120901 Zhou Mi wants to buy a coffee truck

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Translated by: @zhouminews
Source: Bai Lei

Bai Lei used to work with Zhou Mi before he debuted, in the capacity of a mentor/manager. He posted a screencap of a chat conversation with Zhou Mi; they’re using Weixin (WeChat), kind of the Chinese version of Whatsapp. Pictured: Zhou Mi in a coffee truck!

Full translation:

Message Details

Coffee truck ♥ ♥ I want to buy one and install it in my house!!

(6 minutes ago – Seoul)

Bai Lei:
I’m watching the drama you starred in :D

Hehe thank you Bai Lei ge for watching