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[Unreblogged Comments] January 2011

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[R] 2010年12月18日 00:18 KST via web

@Mia_Aki:觅觅的凡客捣鼓出来了,第一次做这个……@周觅_SJM ,希望你喜欢~ [shy]
呵呵那好吧^^当年参加艺术类招考时朗诵的文章是< 我是一个孩子>,这么多年过去了,我觉的我还是个孩子!哈哈

(Mitang) MIA AKI: Mimi’s Fanke fiddling is out, this is my first time making one….. @ZHOUMI_SJM, I hope you like it~ [shy]

Hehe okay then ^^ When I was taking my entrance examinations for the arts, the subject of my speech was “I am a child,” and even after so many years have passed, I think I’m still a child! haha

T/N: Fanke is like… a design.. website.. thing. idk, basically, she made that graphic on a website. Translation for words on the graphic are below the cut.

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[R] 2010年12月16日 11:40 KST via web

画的真好,不是可爱,但是有够帅哈哈~把我画帅了! [heehee]
@Right_Rebecca:终于等到12点过了,于是,发一张图……虽然被某人各种嫌弃,说我画的周觅总是不够可爱,但是,这个,我也不知道为什么啊…… [cries]

RIGHT_REBECCA: It’s finally after midnight, and so, I’m posting a photo…… even though a certain someone totally rejected it, saying that I never draw Zhou Mi cutely enough, but, I mean, I don’t know why that is…… [cries]

This is really well-drawn, it’s not cute, but it’s really handsome haha~ you drew me handsomely! [heehee]

[R] 2010年12月9日 10:53 KST via web

在南京场演唱会时成员一起在车里都看到傻眼.很帅气的女生们,黑西服黑墨镜,谢谢大家. [hehe]

SUJU BLACK ROSE SOCIETY: [ Super Junior Black Rose Society Members ]

At the time of the Nanjing concert, in the car together, this struck the members dumb. Very dashing women, black suits and black sunglasses, thank you everyone. [hehe]

2010年12月3日 14:28 KST via web


It really is like the Action Beam, bibibibi…..

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[R] 2010年12月02日 17:20 KST via web

@Mia_Aki:@周觅_SJM ,这个做得还可以吧?=v=

MIA_AKI: @ZhouMi_SJM, this is okay, right? =v=

Mitangs are all genius artists, hehe I really do have a bear as big as this one. You can consider compiling all of your works and publishing a manhua compilation now

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[R] 2010年12月02日 17:00 KST via web


MEI REN AI DE V XIAO JIE: Ge, Niqiu’s getting on in years, shouldn’t he be looking for a girlfriend. Uh, I found one, what do you think? (feeble addendum: I think maybe if I’m not mistaken perhaps Niqiu should be a boy, right?)

Hahaha the female version of Niqiu!!

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[R] 2010年11月28日 01:07 KST via mobile web

@觅得星辰:【图片请勿转出微博】POSE不错,也很有自知之明! [heehee]

MI DE XING CHEN: [please do not remove this photo from weibo] The posing isn’t bad, it’s also very self aware! [heehee]

I’m practicing alone at the company, and it’s really quiet, but when I saw this picture I laughed out loud like HAHAHA, this episode of “Korean Impressions” must be very funny

[R] 2010年11月24日 23:04 KST via web

你们真厉害,录得这首歌我还是第一次听,还以为是连续剧里面截得视频呢,原来是自己制作的MV [praise] ~找到我的声音了吗?呵呵其实还有录制一个单人演唱的插曲版本~
@ 神觅_周觅全球后援会:【青春旋律】片尾曲_在线视听版 [music] ~ http://sinaurl.cn/hbZcOZ ~mp3版下载地址:http://sinaurl.cn/hbzFiJ [kiss] 神觅地址:http://sinaurl.cn/h4rYyp

SHEN MI WWW.ZHOU-MI.COM: Melody of Youth ending theme: streaming version [music] ~ http://sinaurl.cn/hbZcOZ MP3 download link: http://sinaurl.cn/hbzFiJ [kiss] zhou-mi.com link: http://sinaurl.cn/h4rYyp

Wow, you guys are really impressive, this is actually my first time listening to this song after its recording. I even thought this was an official video from the drama, but it was an MV you made yourself [praise] ~can you pick out my voice? Hehe actually, I also recorded a solo insert song version of this song~

[R] 2010年11月20日 18:21 KST via web

@星星MISSELVA:东北话版【表白】~~~也太搞笑了吧!!!~~~~frm内地版《歌舞青春》 http://sinaurl.cn/h6iDkJ
一不小心在优酷看到一个视频名字叫:代表了中国近十年来最高翻唱表演水平《歌舞青春》-萧亚轩 表白…. 虽然这名字太夸张了!不过还是小小自HIGH了一下!这次是清晰版了… 请大家踊跃观看…不过头发真的有点雷…我懂得!

JULIUS LAU: I accidentally found a video on Youku called: “Representing the highest-level cover performance of the recent decade in China: “High School Musical” – Elva Hsiao – Confession…. even though the name is just too much! But I was still really pleased with myself for a moment! This is the clear version… please jump to watch… I know my hair is weird… I understand!” // XING XING MISS ELVA: The Dongbei dialect version of “Confession”~~~ this is too funny!!! ~~~~from the Chinese version of “High School Musical” http://sinaurl.cn/h6iDkJ

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