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[X] 2010年12月30日 13:46 KST

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Recently I’ve fallen in love with two types of things, and these are one of them~

[X] 2010年12月19日 01:33 KST

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休息,休息一下吧~一休哥!”格叽格叽格叽格叽..格叽格叽….” 礼拜天快乐~

Rest, rest a moment~ Yixiu ge! “Guji guji guji guji.. guji guji….” Happy Sunday~

T/N: So the (ancient) anime “Ikkyu-san” (Yixiu Heshang) is more or less a children’s show about a clever Japanese Buddhist zen monk who goes around solving problems and being bald. The opening theme famously goes “suki suki suki suki suki suki aishiteru~” but when it was dubbed into Chinese, it was “guji guji guji guji guji guji aishiteru~” I HAVE NO IDEA WHYY. That’s what he’s quoting. XD “Ikkyu” was dubbed into “Yixiu” in Chinese.

[X] 2010年12月18日 15:37 KST

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Heavens, please grant me a clone, one person doing the work of two, am I participating in a marathon relay or something?!!

[X] 2010年12月18日 02:26 KST

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Today I was chatting with some of my younger brothers at the company. We talked about needing to have self-confidence, but sometimes, self-confidence can go overboard and become arrogance, so the degree must be controlled~

T/N: “一但” is a typo and should be “一旦” (both “yi dan”).

[X] [R] 2010年11月18日 15:59 KST

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AOQUAN: Going to work, fulfilling fulfilling fulfilling fulfulling fulfilling

This is a difficult pose, hehe

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Reblog of a previous post; content can be found at 101112 08:49 post.

[X] 2010年11月9日 23:28 KST via web

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@张智成 gss来韩国了,哈哈吃了暖暖的参鸡汤,还认识了@梁静茹 姐和tony哥,还有@李卓雄老师,一群可爱的人:)充实的一天,现在回到公司又开始生猛的练舞,加油!

@ZhangZhicheng GSS is here in Korea, haha we had warm ginseng chicken soup, and I met @FishLeong jie and Tony ge, as well as Teacher @LiZhuoxiong, a lovely group of people :) This was a very fulfilling day, and now I’m going back to the company to furiously practice dancing, jiayou!

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[X] 2010年10月28日 15:02 KST via web

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终于去看今年的时尚周fashion show了,真不错~

Finally getting to see this year’s Fashion Week fashion show, it’s not bad at all~

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