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2010年12月31日 10:51 KST via web

年终总结:2010年工作上我尝试了更多新的东西,有自己想做的:也有想都没想过自己能做的,让我对自己有了新的认识。但更多的是在准备,我许多的“秘密”将在2011年浮出水面和大家见面了。首个就是SJM要以全新的面貌和大家见面了,我相信这次会很完美!虽然不舍2010,但离我们见面的日子又近了 [!]

The year in summary: In 2010, my job let me try even more new things, among them things I wanted to do : as well as things I never thought I could do, allowing me to come to a new understanding of myself. But even moreso, there were preparations. Many of my “secrets” will rise to the surface to meet with you all in 2011. The first is that SJM will meet with all of you with a brand new appearance, and I believe this time will be absolutely perfect! I don’t really want to let go of 2010, but we are getting even closer to our meeting [!]

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[R] 2010年12月27日 22:40 KST

@傳奇星後援會:博客來書籍館有@Andy傳奇星 的書- A+極道:我、老爸和那段不完整的青春 http://sinaurl.cn/hGPCjK

ANDY CHANG: Cool! “A+ Strange Happenings] My book is here! [shy] // A LEGEND STAR ENTERTAINMENT FAN FORUM: Berkeley Books is carrying @AndyALegendStar’s book – A+ Strange Happenings: Me, My dad, and that stretch of unfinished youth http://sinaurl.cn/hGPCjK

Support, support! When I go to Taiwan, I’m definitely buying it!

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2010年12月24日 13:04 via iPhone client


I just received everyone’s Christmas gifts at the airport. Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan Mitangs, thank you everyone, what I’m holding in my hand is a handmade Mario given to me by Taiwanese fans, so cute! Also, I’m in Guangzhou now, I’m super happy!!

*Originally in Cantonese.

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2010年12月24日 00:18 KST via web


NICOLE YEUNG: Mighty weibo, who can tell me where Guangzhou Provincial People’s Stadium is?

Jie, it’s near Diwang Plaza! Hahaha my long-separated Guangzhou~ I’m coming!!!!

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2010年12月23日 00:31 KST via web

今天是冬至,在韩国的中国餐馆吃了羊肉串,可是却忘记吃饺子和汤圆……. [sweat]

Today is the Winter Solstice, and I had mutton sticks in one of Korea’s Chinese restaurants, but I forgot to eat dumplings and tangyuan……. [sweat]

T/N: Having tangyuan (lit: soup balls, actually balls made of glutinous rice flour, usually sweet, that are cooked and served in either boiling water or some other sweet soup) and dumplings is a Chinese Winter Solstice tradition.

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[R] 2010年12月22日 22:43 KST via mobile web

@UKISSAlexander:好開心! 因為和 @周觅_SJM 哥哥 和 @karachung 姐姐 在吃羊肉串! 很幸福喔~~~ S(^▽^)S

UKISS ALEXANDER: I’m so happy! Because I’m eating mutton sticks with @ZhouMi_SJM gege and @karachung jiejie! So blessed~~~ S(^▽^)S

I’m eating tendon sticks right now, didi and auntie, get eating!!!

T/N: Chinese goes into a lot of detail when it comes to the section of meat.. especially muscle. He’s eating tendon, cooked so that it’s still really hard >>’

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2010年12月18日 21:39 KST via iSinaWeibo


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[R] 2010年12月18日 13:45 KST via web

@蕭亞軒MISSELVA:蕭亞軒 12月18號 上海世博文化中心 晚上7:30分 我們ㄧ起嗨翻上海天天天~ (我上海朋友自己買的票窩 對 你買的票上微博了 嘻 夠有義氣的朋友 [cool] 下次拍你的輪 [heehee] ) 我要睡搞搞了! 古的耐 思威ㄧ俊 撈油 [toohappy]

ELVA HSIAO: Elva Hsiao, December 18th, Shanghai World Expo Cultural Center, 7:30pm, let’s topple the sky sky sky in Shanghai~ (This ticket was purchased by my Shanghainese friend! Yes. The ticket that you bought is now on weibo. Hee. What a loyal friend [cool] Next time I’ll take a photo of you [heehee] ) I’m going beddie bye! Good night, sweet dreams, love you [too happy]

Miss Chic can’t go on without love, jiayou for your concert!

T/N: So much slang. She should be Miss Slang. XD Also, “Miss Chic can’t go on without love” is a line from “Miss Chic”… obviously

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[R] 2010年12月18月 01:36 KST via web

好听啊,等完整版,FISH新专辑大卖啊!! //@趙元同Tony:好好聽喔! 李大師的詞寫到心裡了!
@梁静茹吧:静茹#你会不会# MV 60秒 抢先看!! http://sinaurl.cn/hbRCaJ

TONY ZHAO: Sounds so good! Master Li’s lyrics touch the heart! // FISH LEONG BAR: Jingru’s #Will You# MV, 60 second preview!! http://sinaurl.cn/hbRCaJ

Sounds good, waiting for the full version. Fish’s new album, become a bestseller!!

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2010年12月18日 00:53 KST via web


I was always responsible for singing in SJM, even though a lot of our songs were also dance songs, but I want to say this time — “dancing arena,” here I come!!! Haha don’t push me!

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