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2010年12月30日 15:13 KST via web

HELLO~外星人 [touxiao]

HELLO~ alien [touxiao]

[X] 2010年12月30日 13:46 KST

This post has been deleted.


Recently I’ve fallen in love with two types of things, and these are one of them~

2010年12月28日 21:25 KST via iPhone client


Thank you to my good friend for this Christmas present, apparently it’s to let me sparkle to the fullest!!! Hehe how sparkly do you want me to be (−_−#)

2010年12月28日 20:39 KST via iPhone client


Clap clap o(^_-)O my latest acquisition: a vintage bracelet!

2010年12月28日 14:59 KST


When you look at it like this, my hair really has grown a lot…

[R] 2010年12月27日 22:40 KST

@傳奇星後援會:博客來書籍館有@Andy傳奇星 的書- A+極道:我、老爸和那段不完整的青春 http://sinaurl.cn/hGPCjK

ANDY CHANG: Cool! “A+ Strange Happenings] My book is here! [shy] // A LEGEND STAR ENTERTAINMENT FAN FORUM: Berkeley Books is carrying @AndyALegendStar’s book – A+ Strange Happenings: Me, My dad, and that stretch of unfinished youth http://sinaurl.cn/hGPCjK

Support, support! When I go to Taiwan, I’m definitely buying it!

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2010年12月27日 01:33 KST via web

呵呵,希澈哥让我知道了不管在哪里,新浪微博和TWITTER真的可以互通~ [touxiao]

Hehe, Heechul ge let me know that no matter where you are, you can communicate between Sina Weibo and TWITTER~ [touxiao]

[R] 2010年12月26日 18:44 KST via web

//@吴克羣://@安鈞璨:// @舒淇 :// @sonja陳柏蓉 :God Bless Selina. // @蔡依林 :// @GiGi // @张智成 @阿信 @方大同 @梁詠琪 @黑人建州 @楊千嬅 @梁靜茹 @青峰 @任賢齊 @林志玲 @趙薇 @蔡卓妍 @舒淇 @張智成 @徐若瑄VIVIAN @蕭敬騰
@OCHK:姊妹淘-陶子姐探望Selina後寫的一篇博文: 「那是她嗎」「報上不是說 她的臉沒事嗎」「緊身衣仍然有血」「妳的摯友妳的老婆也很想替妳分擔一些痛」「妳是怎麼忍過來 妳是怎麼熬 妳是怎麼眼睜睜看著自己不一樣的身體和臉」http://sinaurl.cn/hGv8Ka (OS:她的形容,單是想像已讓人心疼,她可以好到那裡?)

@WUKEJING: // @ANJUNCAN : // @ SHUQI: // @SONJACHENBAIRONG: God Bless Selina. // @CAIYILIN: // @GiGi // @ZHANG ZHICHENG @ASHIN @FANGDATONG @LIANGYONGQI @BLACKIEJIANZHONG @YANGQIANHUA @LIANGJINGRU @QINGFENG @RENXIANQI @LINZHILING @ZHAOWEI @CAIZHUOYAN @SHUQI @ZHANGZHICHENG @XURUOXUAN @XIAOJINGTENG // @OSHK: Sister Tao – After Taozi jie visited Selina, she wrote this blog article: “Is that really her?” “Didn’t the newspaper say her face was fine?” “There is still blood on her clothes” “Your close friends and your wives* want to share a bit of your pain” “How do you manage to bear it? How do you endure? How do you look on helplessly at your changed body and face?” http://sinaurl.cn/hGv8Ka (OS: Imagining her appearance pulls at the heart strings – to what extent can she recover?)

T/N: He reblogged this without adding any comments of his own.
*The members of Taiwanese girlband S.H.E (Selina, Hebe, Ella) refer to each other as each other’s wives

2010年12月26日 06:21 KST via web

韩国时间6点14分,放下行李躺在床上…昨晚演唱会后台”Gentlemanmimi”和”Lady heehee”终于碰头了!

At 6:14am in Korea, I put down my luggage and lay down on my bed… backstage at last night’s concert, “Gentleman Mimi” and “Lady Heehee” finally met!

2010年12月25日 23:32 via iPhone client


The concert is over, and we’re already at the airport waiting for our flight. Today, it suddenly started raining in Guangzhou. All of you who came out to the concert, thank you for your trouble, I was really happy to be able to say hello to you all in Cantonese, but I always feel like our meetings are too short. Friends in Guangzhou, we’ll see each other next time ^_^