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[Lyrics] Skip Beat OST: Zhou Mi – “Bu Liu Ji Nian (Goodbye)”

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
If reproducing for subs, please credit in the video.

不留紀念 (Goodbye)
Bu Liu Ji Nian (Leaving No Memories)

Composed by: You Zhenghao
Lyrics by: You Zhenghao/Choco/Jerry Feng
Performed by: Zhou Mi (Super Junior M)

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[Photos] 120102 Zhou Mi and Liu Chao at Incheon Airport (26p)

PHOTOS BY: thefoxycat

Zhou Mi and Liu Chao, an SM trainee, flew to Shenzhen Airport in order to start filming their drama. ^^

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[Archive] Zhou Mi Album Thanks To Messages

☆☆☆ ME ☆☆☆

Finally, our new album has been released. Before this, I always used to think about what I’d write in my thanks to; now that I’m really writing one I’m realizing that there are tons of people to thank! Dad, Mom~ I love you! Special thanks goes to Teacher Lee Sooman, President Kim Minyoung, and Director Jung Changhwan for all of your care and instruction~

And to the people who’ve been helping me all this time, thank you Hyunhee noona… without you the me right now wouldn’t exist, Jung Ah noona, Hee Jun noona, Yoon Jung noona, Ah Reum noona, this past year, you’ve done so much for me.

Lee Jung noona, Me Hey noona, Shanliang jiejie, Kwon Yoon Jung noona… you’ve truly worked hard, next time we record let’s order pizza together again~

Sung Kil noona… don’t let yourself become too tired, you have to rest more~ Director Yoo Young Jin, Yeon Jung noona, and my managers, Yulong ge, Minwook ge, Young Jun hyung, Seung Hwan hyung and Zhiyang ge^^ Let’s keep working hard together in the future. To everyone in SMTOWN who worked so hard for this album, thank you!! Teacher Madong, Teacher Zhuyi, thank you so much for your help. To my “family,” the adorable members of SJ-M, you’ve all worked hard!

Lastly, I’d like to thank all my fans, who have been giving me support and love since before I debuted up until now~ I’ve seen the cheers you’ve all been giving me~ For you, Zhou Mi will work hard to the best of his ability, so he doesn’t let any of you down~ ^^

I love you all! <bows~> I hope everyone will like our songs ^^ Please look forward to our accomplishments! SJ-M FIGHTING!!

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Translation Masterlist

This is a masterlist of all translations except weibo translations, which can be browsed via the miniblog category. You can also browse by individual category (see the column on the right).


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[Photos] Melody of Youth Photos

Photos of the Melody of Youth boxset.
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[PSA] Unconfirmed M4 Rumor

For the past three days, a rumor has been circling Korean and now Chinese and English fandom that SM Entertainment is adding Zhou Mi to “M4,” a new boyband focusing on the Chinese market.

The rumor originates from a post on the Instiz portal about SM’s new “M Series,” here: http://www.instiz.net/index.htm?page=/bbs/list.php%3Fid%3Dpt%26no%3D211777%26url%3D1

☆ Please be advised: this is NOT an official news report. Instiz is not a news service, but a community forum and portal. The original poster could be anyone – it could be an SM staffer, but it could also be a netizen in a coffeeshop speculating wildly and stirring up rumors. The post does not cite any sources or include a reporter byline. No credible news source, Chinese or Korean, has picked up the story even though it has been in circulation for at least two full business days (since June 28). To date, this post has been the ONLY source of new information regarding any “M Series” of new SM groups. Rumors about M1 have been circulating for quite some time, but nothing like this.

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[Info/Policy] Zhou Mi’s Weibo

On April 1st, China Standard Time, Zhou Mi’s weibo was updated twice and all previous posts were purged. Information, background, explanation:

A lot of you have been asking about this, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to write this. I didn’t want to make a post based on my speculations alone. Today, however, one of Zhou Mi’s friends spoke out about the status of his account, so this post was finally written.

★★★★★★★★★★ DO NOT REMOVE ★★★★★★★★★★

To begin: this post is very specific to @zhouminews and may not be removed and reposted at all without my explicit permission. Please link directly to this page. Do not paraphrase. Do not take any of these words or photos out of context. Every single one is important. Thank you.

★★★★★★★★★★ IMPORTANT ★★★★★★★★★★

The stance of @zhouminews has been and remains as follows:

★ Zhou Mi stopped using his weibo (display name 周觅_SJM, permanent ID name sjmzhoumi) on January 1, 2011.

★ Any subsequent posts and actions that have been made were not made by him. Barring confirmation that the account is still his, any subsequent posts made by that account, from the time this announcement is posted and forward, will not be translated.

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[Drama] “Melody of Youth” Storyline, Zhou Mi Cut

All the main characters were college classmates, and graduate at the beginning of the drama. Liao Bohan (Deep Ng) and Wang Yuhang (Leo Ku) are close friends who wind up competing for the same position at Byvin Motors, a company that happens to be owned by Gao Da’s father, Gao Zhonghua. His entire storyline is about his “friendship” with Liao Bohan, how it’s not really a friendship, and how his career is a sham.

Zhou Mi’s character’s name is Gao Da (fun aside: this is the Chinese transliteration of “Gundam”), and the guy he’s usually acting opposite of is Liao Bohan.

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