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[Fanaccount] 120315 Unsneaky Zhou Mimi @ Hong Kong Airport

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Fanaccount by: shi0007
Translated by: @zhouminews

Last night, another fan gave Zhou Mi her boarding pass for him to sign. After he finished, I gave him mine, and also gave him my passport to use as a writing pad, but [afterwards] he only returned my boarding pass.

[I said] “You still have to give me back my passport!” (He laughed.)

And then I realized he was also holding onto the other fan’s passport, he’d also only returned her boarding pass…. (He started laughing even harder.)

[Info] 120310 Zhou Mi’s recent health conditions

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Translated and written by: @zhouminews
Fanaccount by: Million覓戀

Zhou Mi mentioned during his SS4 Macau ending talk that he hasn’t been feeling well, so here’s a fanaccount excerpt from March 1st, when fans went to Shenzhen to see him.

“While we were chatting, we noticed that Zhou Mi would cough violently every so often (why are you sick again ><)... after asking him we found out that his throat [vocal cords] started feeling uncomfortable when he was filming in Hainan [Feb 20 -25] , and in order not to affect his performance at SS4 Macau, he had already spent three days on an IV drip during filming breaks… hardworking, professional Mr. Zhou (so worried…).”

Zhou Mi made several more trips to the hospital after March 1, once for an entire day. Fans who have gone to watch filming or have seen him at the hotel have all reported that he’s been coughing for a couple of weeks now.

For more information about the exact problem with his vocal cords (he’s been having this problem since 2010), see this fanaccount: Zhou Mi’s Vocal Cords. Zhou Mi’s own weibo posts about his deteriorating vocal cords (and his health in general) are filed under the health tag.

[Fanaccount] 120304 Zhou Mi Bar + Million + HK Mitang Food Support Report

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Translated by: @zhouminews
Text by: shi0007 @ Baidu Zhou Mi Bar

Note: There is no Zhou Mi in this fanaccount; this is only for people interested in the details of the project. If you want to read about the drama staff, actors, and Zhou Mi’s reactions to the project, as well as some details about filming, read 120304 Support Project (Juan jie’s fanaccount).

Honeys Rush In
Rush, rush~

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[Fanaccount] 120304 Shenzhen Drama Crew MiBar+Million+HKMitang Support Project

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Translated by: @zhouminews
Text by: 觅觅YY @ Baidu Zhou Mi Bar

On March 4th, Zhou Mi Bar, Million, and HK Mitang prepared lunch for the entire drama crew, including actors and staff. They also watched them film for the entire afternoon. The following fanaccount is by one of the Honeys who went. She doesn’t include any photos of the actual food, so here’s a photo posted by one of the drama staff members, who took a photo of his set:

The fanaccount follows:

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[Fanaccount] 120220 Zhou Mi at Haikou Meilan Airport

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCE: 小琼呆呆

After SS4 Singapore, Zhou Mi and the rest of the Super Junior entourage went immediately to Changi Airport. Previously it was assumed by most of his Chinese fans that he’d either fly to Shenzhen, pick up his things, and then go to Haikou (for drama filming), or fly directly to Haikou. There are no late-night flights to either Shenzhen or Haikou, so everyone assumed he hadn’t boarded a plane.

It turns out that he boarded a midnight flight to Shanghai (a 5-hr flight) and then, from Shanghai, took a flight to Haikou (3 hours), getting him in at around 12pm. If he had flown directly from Singapore to Haikou, he would’ve arrived in the evening, too late for filming.

From 11-something to 11:50, I started getting nervous, wondering what I’d say if I saw him, wondering what would happen if I was a disappointment and got too excited and started crying. At noon on the dot, he and his manager appeared. As he waited for his luggage, he was playing with his phone, totally noticeable amidst the crowd. I was in too much of a rush this morning and forgot to bring my glasses out and was worrying that I wouldn’t be able to see him; who knew that he’d be so stunning – even nearsighted, I recognized him in an instant. So tall and so cool, he’s really good-looking in person, especially without any makeup on!!

He’d wrapped himself up in sunglasses and a scarf, but he was wearing a white t-shirt. Is this style for cold weather or warm weather? And no need to speculate, the shirt was indeed the ever-present YSL, and his scarf was the plaid!! But it still looked really good!!

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[Fanaccounts] 120202-120205 SS4 Taiwan: Zhou Mi Reports

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

☆☆☆ FEBRUARY 2 ☆☆☆

aiko: Why would you treat Zhou Mi like this?!! Before, a school senior told me that when she went to SS4 in Seoul, once Zhou Mi came out onstage a bunch of people went to use the restroom! I wanted to say that at our Taiwanese stop this would never happen, but I was wrong!! Yesterday I saw it with my own eyes, I was really shocked!! And it was really obvious that a bunch of people were moving, too!

Most people agree that a lot of people left to use the bathroom during Zhou Mi’s solo on all the days, or, if they stayed, played with their phones or started talking. It prompted some Taiwanese ELF to create a support video for him, even = = Watch it here. But yeah, it was noticeable enough that a bunch of people were pretty angry about it.

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[Staff Reports] SCCBDWZ Drama Filming (Zhou Mi mentions)

For the time being, translations of all drama-related staff reports will be added to this post. For other information about the drama (tentatively titled Shi Qu Cheng Bao De Wang Zi), see the sticky drama post.

Fanaccounts can be found here.


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[Fanaccounts] “When Love Walked In” Drama Filming — Zhou Mi Spottings

For the time being, translations of all drama-related fan accounts and reports will be added to this post. For other information about the drama (tentatively titled Shi Qu Cheng Bao De Wang Zi), see the sticky drama post.

Staff accounts can be found here.

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[Fanaccount] 120107 Zhou Mi and Liu Chao at their Shenzhen hotel

WRITTEN BY: 维尼真爱工会
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

This fanaccount was written by Khuntoria fans who waited at the actors’ hotel in Shenzhen for Victoria and is actually about their food support project, but I only translated the part about Zhou Mi (and LC, since she talked about both of them at once). They didn’t manage to meet Victoria, but they met Zhou Mi, Liu Chao, and Calvin. It’s not very informative but there’s barely any news of him, so…

Note: Saying someone’s face/head is small is a compliment… it’s considered attractive

While we were waiting, we met Zhou Mi and Liu Chao. Zhou Mi is for real skinny, with a small little head, small little face, but he’s really tall. Pipi is 166cm and she had to look way up to see him. He’s pretty nice too, as we were asking him questions he kept smiling. Liu Chao is healthy thin and super good-looking in person, with a really sweet smile. We spoke with both of them. If you met either of them in person, you’d definitely be awed. (PS: Pictures were not allowed, so we don’t have any, please don’t ask us.)

[Fanaccount] 111231 Zhou Mi at Beijing Capital Airport

WRITTEN BY: 觅家丫头 @ baidu zhou mi bar
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

Today I was incredibly excited. Last night I had to work until 2am, and so I specifically set an alarm. But I ended up not being able to sleep I was so excited, so I climbed out of bed at 6:30. By the time I got to the airport it was 9, since I was afraid Zhou Mi would leave early. I first found Qianqian, along with a foreign Honey, Kai Jia. Our legs were already tired from standing and he still hadn’t arrived. And then Saranghae also arrived.

We waited and waited, and yet the main character still had yet to show up. Qianqian was waiting outside, and Kai Jia and I were waiting inside. Every time I saw a fashionable and attractive man I’d stare at him (not because I was smitten or anything, I was just afraid Zhou Mi’s slip past me right before my eyes). And then I saw a beautiful young man who was dressed very fashionable, with very eye-catching hair. Even though I couldn’t see him clearly, I could somehow feel that this was Zhou Mi, so I tapped Kai Jia and said: “Look at him, that’s Zhou Mi, right?”

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