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[Predebut/Interview] 060817-060823 Zhou Mi leaving the CCTV Hosting Challenge for Korea

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

The following two articles are about Challenging the Host, CCTV’s annual televised hosting competition. (It’s sponsored by Mengniu Dairy. That comes up later.) In 2006, Zhou Mi easily made it to the Final 16 before withdrawing from the competition. The first article is an interview with him, Yu Mai, and Zheng Lei, all of them Final 16 contestants. Zhou Mi had already announced his intent to pull out of the competition before the interview was held. (Note: he was an extremely popular contestant.)

The second article talks about Zhou Mi’s motivations for and feelings about leaving the competition to train in Korea. His language is very evasive; he never mentions SM Entertainment by name nor does he even say that he’s joining an entertainment company. Instead, he talks about it in terms of being accepted to a Korean university for a study abroad program, most likely because SM didn’t want his entrance into their training program to be too high-profile. Zhou Mi’s wins were being reported on Xinhua and Sohu Entertainment and syndicated everywhere.

More notes where applicable.

Challenging the Host Becomes White-Hot: The Dreams of the Final 16

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[Predebut/Interview] 2005 Zhou Mi “100 Steps” Campus Magazine Interview

SOURCE: 100steps.net via 雨疏
TRANSLATED BY @zhouminews

[The exact date that this article was published is unknown (the “100 Steps” website in question has disappeared), but judging by the events it discusses, it was probably written in the latter half of 2005, a year before Zhou Mi was picked up by SM Entertainment. Zhou Mi did not sign with Music Nation as the article says (he actually denies it in the interview itself = =).

This article is from a webzine about university/campus happenings that seems to be written by college students. The writing is not particularly professional or polished, so the introduction sounds a little strange and sometimes the reporter makes a few errors in logic, but what Zhou Mi has to say is pretty clear!]

How many competitions does it take to go from a university campus to the music world? This question is as difficult as the question posed by Kong Yiji: how many different ways can you write “茴”? [This literary reference is totally random and also makes no sense, so please do ignore it. The Kong Yiji story is not supposed to be about difficult questions.] But we found Zhou Mi. In that Campus Breath of Fresh at Huagong Stadium, even though Zhou Mi only took third place, he was surely the most eyecatching of all the contestants. In the two previous competitions, he won two championships. He is about to sign with Music Nation and become a professional singer. Let’s ask him how many competitions it took to get him from the campus, to competitions, to the music industry, to becoming a singer.

From Competitions to Competitions

Reporter: About how many competitions have you participated in since you were little?

Zhou Mi: Since I was little….. 5 or 6?

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[Interview] 110831-110904 Huashang News Interview

Super Junior M did an interview with Huashang News in July. The questions were collected from fans via the Baidu SJ-M bar. While many of the answers were printed in the August 31 print issue of Huashang News, some were not printed and were instead revealed online by SM China PR rep Zhang Xiaojing on her weibo.

There are two sections to this interview: one in which specific members answer questions posed to them by fans, and another in which the members reveal things about each other.

♪ QUESTION: In Korea, many stars have opened their own stores. Have you ever thought about or even planned coming to China to open a store, for example – a coffee shop?

HENRY: Right now all I want to do is concentrate on making music.

ZHOU MI: I want to open a fashion shop that sells things like clothes and accessories.

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[Interview] 110716 Top Idol Magazine: Zhou Mi cuts

Q: While you were in Taipei, you went to a lot of different department stores. And we hear that Zhou Mi is someone who pays a lot of attention to keeping himself in shape?

ZHOU MI: I am someone who pays a lot of attention to quality of life, plus all the stuff they sell in department stores looks so enticing. I follow everything that has to do with fashion closely, and of course keeping in shape is part of being fashionable. Really, I care a lot about both the big and little things in life.

T/N: “keeping in shape” (baoyang) can also mean staying healthy and taking care of yourself, with the implication that both attractiveness and health are goals.

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[Interview] 110603 Play Magazine — Zhou Mi cuts

Q: If you had to choose a color to describe yourself, what would it be?

ZHOU MI: Multicolored! I believe that life has to be filled with many different colors in order to be rich and dazzling, there’s sadness, happiness, and fury… I hope that I can bring to everyone a multifaceted Zhou Mi, not a monochrome Zhou Mi.

“OK’s Secret from the Front Lines” [The Play Magazine dog talking about Zhou Mi]

Zhou Mi gege is so cute! While they were taking solo shots, because OK was in the studio for a really long time, so the staff jiejie took OK outside the studio for a break. Who would’ve thought that after Zhou Mi gege finished taking photos, and after thanking the photographer, the first thing out of his mouth was: “What about OK? Why’d he disappear?” The staff member immediately replied that OK went out for a walk. When OK returned to the studio, without another word Zhou Mi gege clung to OK and said: “OK, I thought you left… you precious baby, you should just come home with me!” And then the other SJM geges immediately replied loudly: “Okay…” really, oh my! PS: Zhou Mi gege’s dog is called Niqiu, if he gets the chance he should introduce Niqiu to me!

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[Interview] 110505 Zhou Mi in PLAY Magazine

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[Interview] 110417 Apple Daily on Zhou Mi’s Fashion/Shopping

Apple Daily, a Taiwanese newspaper:

Chinese member Zhou Mi loves shopping for clothes and skincare products, eyes sparkling, he said: “It’s so easy to buy things in Taiwan, I love Taiwan!” The Mother’s Day sales at department stores had only just started when he stormed the department stores to collect the goods. He shared his newfound knowledge: “If you spend 3000NTD, you get a 300NTD gift certificate, so I have to really plan out what I can buy with the certificates to make the most of the value.” His careful accounting and planning is as good as any of the ladies’!

Zhou Mi has been in Taiwan for less than a month, and already he’s been shopping and buying all over. He said: “I also like shopping online, and before I buy something I always compare the prices online first. Artists are people too, if we can save money, we should!” Once he found out that department stores were putting on Mother’s Day sales, he immediately rushed to the department stores in the Xinyi district and bought a ton of skincare products, with plans to use the gift certificates to “replenish stock” later on.

SOURCE: Apple Daily News
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[Interview] 110401 Super Junior M in COOL Magazine

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

EUNHYUK: Actually in this group, all the things that the magnae should be doing, are being done by me and Sungmin hyung…. bringing and pouring tea and all those things are frequently done by us, as well as massaging the other members, we’ve done all sorts of good things. (Sungmin smiles, gratified~)
OTHER MEMBERS: They’ve never done that! …… he’s lying! …..it’s totally never happened…..!
KYUHYUN: What? Massage? That has really never happened.
EUNHYUK: Actually, I always do it when everyone is asleep. I secretly massage you all, so that’s why you have no memory of it……
KYUHYUN: Ahhh! I lock my door when I sleep, how did you get in? That’s ridiculous! (in Chinese)

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