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[Official/News] 120316 Official Promo Poster for “When Love Walked In”

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Graphic translated and edited by: @zhouminews

This is the official promotional poster for When Love Walked In (official English translation), Zhou Mi’s new drama.


When the princess in distress rescued the prince in the tower,
From then on…. they lived happily ever after….?

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[Info] 120310 Zhou Mi’s recent health conditions

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Translated and written by: @zhouminews
Fanaccount by: Million覓戀

Zhou Mi mentioned during his SS4 Macau ending talk that he hasn’t been feeling well, so here’s a fanaccount excerpt from March 1st, when fans went to Shenzhen to see him.

“While we were chatting, we noticed that Zhou Mi would cough violently every so often (why are you sick again ><)... after asking him we found out that his throat [vocal cords] started feeling uncomfortable when he was filming in Hainan [Feb 20 -25] , and in order not to affect his performance at SS4 Macau, he had already spent three days on an IV drip during filming breaks… hardworking, professional Mr. Zhou (so worried…).”

Zhou Mi made several more trips to the hospital after March 1, once for an entire day. Fans who have gone to watch filming or have seen him at the hotel have all reported that he’s been coughing for a couple of weeks now.

For more information about the exact problem with his vocal cords (he’s been having this problem since 2010), see this fanaccount: Zhou Mi’s Vocal Cords. Zhou Mi’s own weibo posts about his deteriorating vocal cords (and his health in general) are filed under the health tag.

[Rankings] 120303 Baidu and QQ Music Rankings: Zhou Mi’s “Goodbye” / Skip Beat OST

SOURCES: QQ Music, Baidu MP3

This article was written exclusively for @zhouminews and based on rankings as displayed on March 3, 2012 CST.

Baidu MP3: Top 100 New Songs — Zhou Mi’s “Goodbye” at #3

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Baidu Music’s chart rankings for the Top 100 New Songs on any given day is calculated automatically based on number of searches. Zhou Mi was ranked third place on March 3, after popular Taiwanese singer Tiger Huang’s “Looking Forward to Love” and Chinese singer Sun Yue’s “In That Not So Faraway Place.” Zhou Mi’s “Goodbye” is also ranked third on the top fastest-rising singles, going up thirteen spots from yesterday.

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[News] 120106 f(x) Victoria tackles a Taiwanese drama, avoids dubbing: gives her first time to Calvin Chen

SOURCE: Apple Daily
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

The Chinese member of Korean girl group f(x), Song Qian (Victoria), has advanced onto the TV screen, and will soon be appearing as part of a love triangle with Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen and Super Junior M’s Chinese member Zhou Mi in the idol drama Shi Qu Cheng Bao De Wang Zi (The Prince(s) Without A Castle), to be released by proxy by GTV. Her first onscreen kiss might be given to Calvin Chen!

[Omitted part listing Korean stars who have starred in Taiwanese dramas in recent years.] But none of them could speak Chinese, so they had to rely on dubbing artists to be their “spokespeople.” However, Chinese is both Song Qian and Zhou Mi’s mother tongue, so language is not a problem [this time].

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[News/Compilation] “When Love Walked In” Drama Info

This post is a compilation of all general information currently available about Zhou Mi’s upcoming drama.



According to a fan who spoke to drama staff in Shenzhen, the plans are to keep drama filming as secret as possible. Fans are being screened prior to being allowed to visit the set. Considering the high level of planned secrecy, please do not expect detailed information about the drama, such as plot, premise, genre, and exact casting, to be released officially very soon.

This post will be updated continuously as new information surfaces.

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[News] 111125 Zhou Mi records a VCR message for Claire Kuo’s concert

TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews
SOURCE: http://www.hitoradio.com/newweb/73070hotnews

Hito Radio:

Zhou Mi, still in Korea, ‘crossed seas’ in order to support Guo Jing [Claire], smiling as he said, “I really wish I were at the concert myself today to sing along to Miss Guo’s lovely songs with all of her fans.” Guo Jing revealed that once, when SJ-M came to Taiwan, a friend of hers introduced her to Han Geng. At the time, Zhou Mi was Han Geng’s roommate, and once he saw Guo Jing he said: “I totally bought your album!” The two of them unexpectedly became friends, and often make plans to sing and eat together. Zhou Mi sang “Pei Zhe Wo De Shi Hou Xiang Zhe Ta (Thinking of Her As You’re With Me)” a cappella, and also left a message to cheer on Guo Jing, who often loses sleep out of nervousness: “Don’t be nervous, you’re the best!”

[News] 111121 Yahoo! Taiwan on Super Show 4 Seoul (Zhou Mi/Henry)

Yahoo! Taiwan:

As for their fourth concert tour since their debut, SUPER JUNIOR took off from their hometown of Seoul, Korea, and plan to depart to Asia’s Japan and Taiwan, and have also scheduled in advance to go to Europe and America, the Middle East, and other areas. Aside from solo performances from each of Super Junior’s nine members, Super Junior M members Zhou Mi and Henry also offered their first [solo] experiences in Korea. The former [Zhou Mi] seemed quite nervous on the first day, but on the second day was able to show off his singing skills, powerfully hitting high notes. The latter [Henry] performed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” with f(x) member Amber. The two of them gave a performance bursting with charisma,and if they have the opportunity to work together in the future, they may have a chance to become a new highlight in the music industry.”

SOURCE: http://bit.ly/vhSS6v
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[News] 110614 Apple Daily News: Zhou Mi’s new fashion book

Apple Daily News:

The self-proclaimed “comedian on the inside, hottie on the outside” Zhou Mi, especially prepared an empty suitcase when he came to Taiwan, and when he returned to Korea in the end, it was filled with his spoils of war. Because he likes to shop and enjoys fashionable styles, this year he will join the ranks of the authors, and release a fashion reference book teaching men the tricks of dressing up. Zhou Mi suggests to the reader: “If you get the chance to go shopping in Korea, you can walk around Dongdaemun or Myeongdong, or go to [Sinsa-dong] Avenue to “search for treasure.”

SOURCE: http://bit.ly/mDym1T
TRANSLATED BY: @zhouminews

[News] 110611 Zhou Mi and Henry debut in Mixi’s Top 100 Korean Male Idols Ranking

Taiwanese netizen onlysyou on PTT has been recording the popularity of stars on Mixi (a Japanese social networking site) for some time now. One of the listings is Korean male idols.

As of June 1st, ZHOU MI and HENRY have appeared for the first time at 75 and 80, respectively (the columns with dashes in them are numbers from April and May).

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