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[Transcript] 120609 SMTOWN Taiwan: Zhou Mi Intro Talk

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Translated and transcribed by: @zhouminews
Video by: kerilien

Transcript begins 4:32.

Zhou Mi: Hello everyone, I’m Zhou Mi!

Zhou Mi: Did you miss us?

Zhou Mi: I’m very happy today, because this is SMTOWN’s first time coming to Taiwan!

Zhou Mi: Also, that Super Junior M was the first group to have a longstay here makes me very happy! I hope everyone enjoys the program we have prepared for you today. And let’s look forward to M’s second longstay together, okay?

Members: Ohhhhh?!!?

[Transcript] 120419 Entertainment E-Generation: DJ Ken wishing Zhou Mi a happy birthday

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Translated and transcribed by: @zhouminews
Audio credit: 永愛周覓論壇 http://lovezhoumi.joinbbs.net/

Entertainment E-Generation is a nightly radio program on Taiwan’s BCC I Like Radio. It’s hosted by Ken Wu (Wu Jianheng), who also hosts Channel V’s Love JK. He and Zhou Mi are friends; last year, Ken surprised Zhou Mi by inviting two of his favorite artists to sing him happy birthday / talk to him on the show~

Transcript begins at 1:29.

KEN: So actually, at the start of tonight’s Entertainment E-Generation, we’re seeing a lot of people wanting to wish Zhou Mi a happy birthday. Now… what you all want to say to Zhou Mi… wow, there’s a lot! Some of you are saying, Zhou Mi is currently in China working very hard to film his drama, so we hope you have a happy birthday! I still remember that last year, when they [SJ-M] had their longstay in Taiwan, Zhou Mi celebrated his birthday right here on Entertainment E-Generation. Because drama filming is pretty tiring, Honeys are worried, and a little reluctant to see him like this, so next time, we hope we can see a very healthy Zhou Mi, and hope that he can always be happy and healthy, though we are looking forward to his new drama! Also, to the Honeys who love Zhou Xiaomi, who are currently listening to the radio show, everyone has to, uh, raise Zhou Xiaomi up to the highest point [laughing] So everyone jiayou, hope your work is successful, and classwork as well!

KEN: So today on April 19th, I also would like to wish him a “Happy birthday!” [note: in Korean] Mr. Zhou Mi, I hope you heard!!!

Usually, we don’t start off our program with ballads, but since he’s the birthday boy today, let’s listen to this song by Zhou Mi: “Goodbye.”


KEN: Okay, so here, we’d like to wish Zhou Mi a happy birthday. Zhou Mi’s song is called “Bu Liu Ji Nian” (Goodbye). Now, does anyone want to hear the birthday boy’s voice?

ZHOU MI: [pre-recorded] Entertainment E-Generation: we guarantee you’ll love it! Hello, everyone! I am Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi. The program you are currently listening to Entertainment E-Generation, hosted by Wonderful Person [Ken’s nickname] DJ Ken.

Please repost with full credit.
Translated and transcribed by: @zhouminews
Audio credit: 永愛周覓論壇 http://lovezhoumi.joinbbs.net/

[Transcript] 120414 SS4 Shanghai: Zhou Mi Ending Talk

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Translated and transcribed by:
Fancam by: shinhwa_annie

Transcript begins around 9:45.

Leeteuk: Zhou Mi, what are your thoughts about today?

Zhou Mi: Uh… recently, some friends wished me a — with some friends I celebrated my happy four years– four year debut anniversary. And only then did I suddenly realize that M has actually debuted four years already. In those four years, every year has seen a new Super Show. This year, it’s Super Show 4. Thank you to all of you here who support Super Junior, it’s actually because of your support that Henry and I are able to appear here as special guests and perform our own solos on Super Show’s stage. So… I hope all of you can continue supporting Super Junior and Super Junior M. Thank you everyone.


[Transcripts] 120316-18 SS4 Bangkok: Zhou Mi Ending Talk Transcripts

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Transcribed by:
Fancams by: Amm_Jutha (day 1), tanoyelf (day 2)

All of Zhou Mi’s ending notes were in English, this post is just for archival purposes / in case you have trouble understanding :)

MARCH 16 – DAY 1

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[Transcripts] 120218-120219 SS4 Singapore: Zhou Mi Talks

FANCAM BY: asinglevoice, sangsanghae

(starts at 1:32)

KYUHYUN: (in English) Hello, I’m Zhou Mi.

ZHOU MI: Hello, everyone! I’m Zhou Mi. Um… This is my second time coming to Singapore. And today I sang my new song for you, I’m so happy. Did you like it? I hope that in the future Super Junior M will be able to promote in Singapore. I love you!

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[Transcripts] 120202-120203 Super Show 4 in Taiwan: Zhou Mi Talks

AUDIO/VIDEO BY: emily830125

Blue text means they’re speaking in Korean.

DAY ONE (120202) – Ending Talk.

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[Transcript] 120207 JKPOP Craze — Calvin talks about Zhou Mi

BEGINS 1:50, after a segment about tall members of jpop/kpop bands (XD):

CALVIN: Next I’m going to talk about Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi. Now he’s my good friend, OK? I mean, he was my friend before, too, but lately we’ve become extremely close, because we’ve been filming together everyday. So now – the reason I came back to Taiwan is for the audience of JKPOP Craze; otherwise I’d be in Shenzhen filming my drama. Everyone knows that. Yes. And Zhou Mi is filming too. Victoria is filming too. And um.. it’s pretty nice, being able to interact with them. I hope that in the future, I’ll be able to share any firsthand news of the drama with you guys, okay? Everyone, look forward to it! Not only to their musical p– not only to our musical performance, but our drama as well.

VIDEO BY: 77Amika

[Transcript] 120119 Apple Entertainment News: Calvin and Zhou Mi’s hotel room misunderstanding

VIDEO: Leticiashu

Calvin left Shenzhen for Taiwan the (very early) morning of January 19.


CALVIN: Even funnier is last night, I was coming back [to Taiwan]– okay, I’m going to tell you something funny. Last night I was preparing to go back, so of course I had to check out of my room. So I called Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi, he’s the one filming the drama with me, and I said, “Hey, can I leave my luggage in your room?” So I took a shower and put on my pajamas and dragged my luggage over to his room.

AIFEI: Wha?!

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[Transcript] 120111 Zhou Mi mentioned on Taiwanese makeup show “Queen”


T/N: The show is 女人我最大, and the literal translation is: I, Woman, Am Supreme (has also been translated as “Woman” or “Woman in Me” but is basically a makeup, cosmetics, and feminine lifestyle show targeted towards, uh, people with an inclination towards makeup and fashion.)

Chen Wei is probably part of the group of girls Zhou Mi and Danson were hanging out with in Seoul.

Begins @ 2:43 — This segment is where each of the guests introduce ~new and exciting~ makeup products that they ~have to buy~ when they go abroad, which is why Chen Wei talks about going to Korea.

CHEN WEI: I only just got back from Korea last week. And! I have a secret to reveal, because among my group of friends we have a Super Junior member, he’s– He’s– He’s–

EVERYONE: What? Who?! (etc)

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[Transcript] 111213 SM Global Auditions: Zhou Mi, Victoria, Donghae

ZHOU MI: Hello everyone, I am Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi. We at SM Entertainment will be holding large-scale global auditions in 2012. The 2012 SM Global Auditions will be held in Korea, China, America, Canada, Japan, and other countries. These will be the first SM auditions ever held in China. For details about the auditions and signing up, please visit SM Entertainment’s homepage at three w’s, dot smtown dot com. After clicking the banner for the global auditions, select the Chinese homepage to view Chinese content.

VICTORIA: Hello, I am f(x)’s Song Qian. This is the first time SM Entertainment will go directly to China and hold auditions, so we’re really looking forward to it. The SM Entertainment Chinese auditions will be held in Shanghai and Beijing. Shanghai’s auditions will be held on February 5, 2012; Beijing’s on February 12, 2012. SM auditions welcome people of all nationalities, ages, genders, and are now accepting registrations via email. After registration, you will be notified individually of the final location and time details.

DONGHAE: Hello, I’m SJ’s Donghae. To those of you in China, please do participate! Thank you.