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[OHP Message] 120102 [From.ZHOUMI] 2012 Special Massage!^^

SMTOWN released “Special Massages” from all of their artists. Obviously, this is a typo. Zhou Mi didn’t make this typo.

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Text version:

Thank you for your support all this time. SJ-M will keep on working hard ^^ I love you ^^
May you be blessed in the new year.

I wish everyone
a happy new year in 2012^!

Note: Zhou Mi wrote the message half in Korean and half in Chinese. Korean text is in blue.

TRANSLATED BY @zhouminews

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[Official] 110602 Zhou Mi Message on Official SJ-M Website (China)

Zhou Mi’s here~~~

Hello everyone,

I’m Zhou Mi~

SJM’s official website has finally opened, you’ve all been waiting for it, right?!

I’m very happy that there’s yet another channel open for us to communicate.

Here, no matter what country you’re from, or what city, you can leave us messages, and we’ll come here frequently to chat with everyone.

Without my noticing, promotions for “Perfection” are almost over. There were a lot of places we didn’t get to visit this time. I feel so regretful, and hope that I catch glimpses of all of you here.

We will post the latest M news and personal photos (including super narcissistic photos) here for everyone to see, so please, keep an eye on our official fan website! Gotta run to the manager and ask for my username and password now, everyone, see you later~!


[Official] 110419 Zhou Mi SJM Website Message

Subject: Hello everyone ^^

Hello everyone, I’m Zhou Mi^^ Today is my birthday,

and unwittingly, it’s already my third birthday since my debut,

I’m another year older, actually I turn 18 this year hahaha~~

I’m so happy that every year on my birthday, no matter where I am, I can have both your companionship and your greetings, thank you, everyone!

Right now I’m in Taiwan promoting “Perfection,”

and I so look forward to bringing the new album with me to meet with fans from all sorts of places.

Soon I’ll have to go forward with our SJM tradition, and get caked by the other members to celebrate my birthday, haha

My birthday wish is that everyone can be healthy!!

a too perfect April 19th


translated by @zhouminews

[Official] 090420 Zhou Mi SJ-M Official Ifensi Forum Message

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes~ I’m so blessed to have all of you~

Hello everyone~ I’m Zhou Mi. Thank you for the birthday wishes you’ve sent me, I saw all of them. Messages on the official website as well as other places… thank you all! On my birthday last year I’d only just debuted, and knew very few Honeys..

It made me realize then, how blissful of a feeling it is to have all of your love~ and then M had a year of activities in China.. what a busy year~ as though I aged one year in an instant.. in this one year I’ve learned a lot, come to understand a lot, and matured a lot.. and also received love from a ton of people! You made me realize that sometimes, I’m not going into battle alone.. I’m not alone as I face everything head-on. Every subtlest thing you do for me gives me even more courage and confidence.. lets me learn how to treasure things..

Even though I’m in Korea right now, I’ve received a great number of birthday wishes~

I never thought I’d get so many~ when I read your messages I feel like I’m very close to home..

Stoooop calling me a giant coral all the time!!!.. keke~ [Coral = lurker.]

I hope I can spend many more days like this with you all!

I have you!! I’m very happy~

I will keep singing to you from my heart.. always~ Even if there’s only one of you in the audience….

This is our promise :)

(I used to always spend my birthday with my family, the main reason being… my dad and I share the same birthday……. Yesterday I was in Korea and couldn’t be with him on his birthday, so I’m saying happy birthday to him here~~ Dad, I love you! ~hehe~)

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