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Zhou Mi’s Current Situation and Projects

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Last Updated: 25 August 2012

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★☆ Location
As of August 25th, Zhou Mi is currently in Wuhan, Hubei, China to promote When Love Walked In.

★☆ Solo Project: 2012 Taiwanese Idol Drama
In January, it was announced that Zhou Mi would be co-starring in the Taiwanese idol drama When Love Walked In alongside Calvin Chen (Fahrenheit) and Victoria Song (f(x)). The drama started filming in mid-January. Filming for the drama wrapped on April 25, after three and a half months of filming, and promotional activities for the drama should begin around August. The drama’s filming locations included Shenzhen (primary), Dongguan, Huizhou, and Haikou (in Hainan).

Zhou Mi is cast as Li Shanglin, a character described by the drama info blast as “sweet-tempered, talented,” to Calvin’s Qin Yujiang (cruel, callous) and Victoria’s Shen Yayin.

The drama will be 30 episodes long. Shenzhen Television has announced that it will be broadcast in the summertime. It has been reported that it will premiere August 27 on Anhui Television. There is no rumored or confirmed broadcast schedule for Taiwan, though the station should be GTV. Zhou Mi says the drama should air in China first, and then Taiwan.

★☆ Solo Project: Book
In June, Apple Daily News reported that Zhou Mi would soon be releasing a book of fashion tips for men, to be released in late 2011 or early 2012. Zhou Mi himself confirmed the existence of the book in Super Junior M’s interview with Huashang News. Later, Zhou Mi told a fan that it was actually a travel book, but refused to say anything else (and continues to refuse to reveal more details about the content). The book’s release has been delayed, likely because of the drama. As of summer 2012, Zhou Mi thinks the book will be released in fall of 2012, in both Taiwan (traditional Chinese) and China (simplified Chinese).

★☆ Super Junior M
In a Thanksgiving radio interview with the CRI Classic Oldies station, DJed by his friend, Zhou Mi hinted that Super Junior M would stage a Chinese comeback in 2012. SM China representatives have said that Super Junior M will be very busy in the latter half of the year. Note: SM Entertainment’s plans change all the time, so this could very well change. Zhou Mi says SJM will stage a comeback around October.

★☆ Online
Zhou Mi does not have an active public presence on the internet. He is no longer using his Sina Weibo account, which has also been purged. An archive of all of his now-deleted posts can be found in the miniblog category. He does not have a Twitter.

Zhou Mi has accounts on Baidu and the official Super Junior M homepages (Chinese and Korean), which he occasionally uses to post messages to his fans, usually around his birthday or Chinese New Year.

★☆ Health and Schedule
Zhou Mi’s vocal cords have improved significantly since June 2010.

See: Schedule for more details about Zhou Mi’s upcoming appearances.