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[Weibo] 120508 Liu Chao is indignant he was not invited to Zhou Mi’s vacation

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Translated by: @zhouminews
Source: Liu Chao

Such a huge bowl of noodles [shock] .. but I annihilated it anyway! [ultraman] .. and now I’m practically bursting to full [heixian] .. @ZhouMi_SJM Y-y-y-y-y-you.. so you went off to Thailand!!

T/N: Liu Chao originally posted this same content, except with “You JERK… ” at the end of the post, but immediately thought better of it, deleted the post, and reposted without the namecalling XDDDDD

A few days ago, Liu Chao was whining on weibo about how Zhou Mi had gone missing and he couldn’t contact him XDDD Now he’s mad XDDDD

[Weibo] 120425 “When Love Walked In” Wrap + Zhou Mi mentions

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Translated and compiled by: @zhouminews
Sources: 製片仁哥 | 刘潮_SM | 小演员边程 | 小演员徐钰涵 | 仝晓燕 | 葛蕾小姐 | 辰亦儒

On April 25, the When Love Walked In drama crew filmed its last scene in Shenzhen. (Zhou Mi’s last scene was filmed the day before, on the 24th.) Posts from the staff and actors regarding its finish:

Producer Ren ge: Good work to the actors of When Love Walked In; after three hardworking months of filming, we have finally wrapped. At the wrap party, everyone please drink to your heart’s content.

[REBLOG] When Love Walked In Official Weibo: And that’s a wrap [applause] Everyone in the drama crew, good work!!! Everyone, feast up [loveyou] And now, we have to rely on the fans’ support! [yeah]

[REBLOG] [Actor: Chen Xuyang] Liu Chao: [yeah] Good work, everyone~ even though I can’t be at the wrap party~ my heart is with you all! [shy] [loveyou] [heart]

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[Transcript] 120419 Entertainment E-Generation: DJ Ken wishing Zhou Mi a happy birthday

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Translated and transcribed by: @zhouminews
Audio credit: 永愛周覓論壇 http://lovezhoumi.joinbbs.net/

Entertainment E-Generation is a nightly radio program on Taiwan’s BCC I Like Radio. It’s hosted by Ken Wu (Wu Jianheng), who also hosts Channel V’s Love JK. He and Zhou Mi are friends; last year, Ken surprised Zhou Mi by inviting two of his favorite artists to sing him happy birthday / talk to him on the show~

Transcript begins at 1:29.

KEN: So actually, at the start of tonight’s Entertainment E-Generation, we’re seeing a lot of people wanting to wish Zhou Mi a happy birthday. Now… what you all want to say to Zhou Mi… wow, there’s a lot! Some of you are saying, Zhou Mi is currently in China working very hard to film his drama, so we hope you have a happy birthday! I still remember that last year, when they [SJ-M] had their longstay in Taiwan, Zhou Mi celebrated his birthday right here on Entertainment E-Generation. Because drama filming is pretty tiring, Honeys are worried, and a little reluctant to see him like this, so next time, we hope we can see a very healthy Zhou Mi, and hope that he can always be happy and healthy, though we are looking forward to his new drama! Also, to the Honeys who love Zhou Xiaomi, who are currently listening to the radio show, everyone has to, uh, raise Zhou Xiaomi up to the highest point [laughing] So everyone jiayou, hope your work is successful, and classwork as well!

KEN: So today on April 19th, I also would like to wish him a “Happy birthday!” [note: in Korean] Mr. Zhou Mi, I hope you heard!!!

Usually, we don’t start off our program with ballads, but since he’s the birthday boy today, let’s listen to this song by Zhou Mi: “Goodbye.”


KEN: Okay, so here, we’d like to wish Zhou Mi a happy birthday. Zhou Mi’s song is called “Bu Liu Ji Nian” (Goodbye). Now, does anyone want to hear the birthday boy’s voice?

ZHOU MI: [pre-recorded] Entertainment E-Generation: we guarantee you’ll love it! Hello, everyone! I am Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi. The program you are currently listening to Entertainment E-Generation, hosted by Wonderful Person [Ken’s nickname] DJ Ken.

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Translated and transcribed by: @zhouminews
Audio credit: 永愛周覓論壇 http://lovezhoumi.joinbbs.net/

[Weibo] 120419 Zhou Mi Birthday Posts [Drama Crew]

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Translated by: zhouminews
Sources: 葛蕾小姐: 1&2, 康乐先森, 柯佳妤

Ge Lei:

Today is adorable helper Mimi’s birthday! Look at him holding the cupcakes made for him by fans, isn’t totally makeupless Mimi cute? And of course, my handsome son Chaochao is here too! [heehee] [haha] @LiuChao_SM @ZhouMi_SJM

To dearest Mimi! Happy birthday! [cake] [xgift] [toohappy] @LiuChao_SM, Song Qian, @ZhouMi_SJM, @ChenYiru

(Reblog) Calvin Chen: Happy birthday little Mimi, we’ve almost succeeded @ZhouMi_SJM
(Reblog) Liu Chao: Happy happy.. too bad you didn’t “hit” him! [touxiao]

Kang Le, assistant director:

Happy birthday, Zhou Mi! [cake] We have a huge strawberry-flavored cake to eat #When Love Walked In#

Ke Jiayu, drama staff:

To the politest, not to mention funny, Zhou Mi~~~ happy birthday

[Weibo] 120419 Liu Chaochao + Zhou Mimi birthday post

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Source: 刘潮_SM

Liu Chao, Chinese SM trainee and Zhou Mi’s close friend and drama costar —

Happy birthday~ Mister Zhou Mimi! [heehee] [heehee] [heehee] Tonight I’ll help you blow out candles~ [cake] But I no longer have any idea what the heck to buy you, there is nothing you don’t already have!! ~ When we’re back in Korea, pick anything! Haha. 생일축하한다!~Happy Birthday!~ [heart]

“생일축하한다” is happy birthday in Korean; the last “Happy birthday” was originally in English.

[Transcript] 120414 SS4 Shanghai: Zhou Mi Ending Talk

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Translated and transcribed by:
Fancam by: shinhwa_annie

Transcript begins around 9:45.

Leeteuk: Zhou Mi, what are your thoughts about today?

Zhou Mi: Uh… recently, some friends wished me a — with some friends I celebrated my happy four years– four year debut anniversary. And only then did I suddenly realize that M has actually debuted four years already. In those four years, every year has seen a new Super Show. This year, it’s Super Show 4. Thank you to all of you here who support Super Junior, it’s actually because of your support that Henry and I are able to appear here as special guests and perform our own solos on Super Show’s stage. So… I hope all of you can continue supporting Super Junior and Super Junior M. Thank you everyone.


[Weibo] 120409 Zhou Mi with Tian Miao, Ge Lei, others on drama set

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Translated by: @zhouminews
Sources: 葛蕾小姐 演员张志伟

Ge Lei, costar:

When all sorts of weird expressions and members of the staff start appearing in front of the lens, that means it’s almost time to graduate! In the top photo, the bottom left corner is Zhou Mi’s Korean hairstylist, and above [him] is [Zhou Mi’s Korean manager’s] translator! In the other photo, the ultra cute, super handsome adorable helper Mimi is putting on makeup for his Korean outfit stylist! The surrounding people are all Korean staff, and of course the person sneaking the photo is me! @ZhouMi_SJM @ShaoXiangSean

Note:When Love Walked In has its own team of stylists, makeup artists, and coordinators, who nearly all the actors and actresses share. The exceptions are Victoria and Zhou Mi, who each have their own separate styling staff (all SM Entertainment). That’s why Zhou Mi is surrounded by Korean staff members on set.

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[Transcripts] 120316-18 SS4 Bangkok: Zhou Mi Ending Talk Transcripts

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Transcribed by:
Fancams by: Amm_Jutha (day 1), tanoyelf (day 2)

All of Zhou Mi’s ending notes were in English, this post is just for archival purposes / in case you have trouble understanding :)

MARCH 16 – DAY 1

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[Official/News] 120316 Official Promo Poster for “When Love Walked In”

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Graphic translated and edited by: @zhouminews

This is the official promotional poster for When Love Walked In (official English translation), Zhou Mi’s new drama.


When the princess in distress rescued the prince in the tower,
From then on…. they lived happily ever after….?

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[Fanaccount] 120315 Unsneaky Zhou Mimi @ Hong Kong Airport

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Fanaccount by: shi0007
Translated by: @zhouminews

Last night, another fan gave Zhou Mi her boarding pass for him to sign. After he finished, I gave him mine, and also gave him my passport to use as a writing pad, but [afterwards] he only returned my boarding pass.

[I said] “You still have to give me back my passport!” (He laughed.)

And then I realized he was also holding onto the other fan’s passport, he’d also only returned her boarding pass…. (He started laughing even harder.)