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Basic profile introducing the boy~

Name: Zhou Mi
(“Zhou” is the family name; “Mi” is the given name. In America/Europe his name would be stylized “Mi Zhou.”)

Chinese Name: Zhōu Mì (pronounced roughly “Joh Mee” in Mandarin)
周觅 (Simplified) 周覓 (Traditional)

Korean Name:
조미 (Jo Mi) (Goes by this name, also occasionally “Jjo Mi.”)
주멱 (Ju Myeok) (Direct translation, but never used.)

Birthdate: April 19, 1986

Age: 25 years old

Birthplace: Wuhan, Hubei, China

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Han

Zodiac/Horoscope: Tiger / Aries

Height: 185cm

Weight: 64kg

Blood type: B


Languages spoken:
Mandarin Chinese (Native fluency)
Korean (Conversational fluency)
Cantonese (Cute but not so great Ryeowook’s Chinese Conversational)
English (Elementary)
Wuhanese (Really bad)

Education: Beijing Normal University: Zhuhai Campus, Broadcasting major.
(Zhou Mi put his education on hold when he signed with SM Entertainment in 2007. He has not graduated and is technically still a college junior.)

Seoul, South Korea (Dorm with SJ-M Henry and TRAX Jay, Jungmo)
Beijing, China (Lives separately from his parents, but they’re in Beijing too, not Wuhan.)

Family: Parents and extended family. Zhou Mi has no siblings.

Pets: Niqiu (Teddy dog, resides in Beijing with his parents.)

Professions: Idol, Singer, MC/Host, Lyricist, Writer, Translator, Actor


Most Common Nicknames:
English: Mimi, Gentleman Mimi, Koala
Chinese: Mimi, Xiaomi (Little Mi), Dami (Big Mi), Ah Mi, Zhou Mouren (Zhou Someone), Zhou (Adjective)mi, Xiaobai (Little idiot), Erge (Idiotic older brother), Koala, Mr. Chic, Zhou Mei, Zhou Baicai (Bok choy/cabbage)
Japanese: Mimi, Mimi unnie, Mimi nee-san, Maiden (Otome)
Korean: Zhouzhoumi (Jjojjomi), Seasoning (Jomiryo)

Hobbies and interests: Shopping, writing, music (especially Chinese language), fashion, environmental awareness, shopping, health/fitness, working out, travel, shopping, horror movies, designing, acting, photography, spacing out, shopping

Favorite drink: Coke

Favorite fruit: Watermelon

Favorite animal: Puppies

Favorite movie: If Only

Favorite artists: Anyone ever who has ever released an album in Taiwan David Tao, Wang Leehom, JJ Lin, Z-Chen, Freya Lim, Wang Peirong

Favorite cartoon characters: Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, Ultraman, Super Mario


Super Junior M [Me]
Super Junior M [Super Girl] Mini-Album
Super Junior M [Perfection] Mini-Album
Super Junior [Mr. Simple] (Version A bonus track only)
SMTOWN [Winter 2011: The Warmest Gift]

Super Junior M [Me] — 爱你爱你 (Love You Love You), MARRY U, 渴望 (A Man in Love)
Super Junior M [Super Girl] — 告白 (Confession), 爱情接力 (Love Relay, You & Me)
Kangta [Love, Frequency] — 爱.频率 (Love, Frequency), 记得 (Remember), Many Times
Super Junior M [Perfection] — TRUE LOVE



Zhou Mi attended and won his first large-scale singing competition, MTV’s Second Annual National Newcomer Singing Competition in 2002 at age 16. After winning the national championship, he was approached for a record deal but turned it down to continue his studies. This happened multiple times up until 2006.

In 2003, he won the title of Lively Star in the Wenquxing Star Ambassador Selection Competition. The contest earned him both a guest spot on Hunan TV’s Happy Camp variety show and a spokesperson role for Wenquxing, an electronic dictionary maker.

At the Seventh Annual Shanghai Asian Music Festival Newcomer Singing Competition in 2004, Zhou Mi earned first place in the coastal region, as well as the National Newcomer Award. He continued to participate in multiple singing competitions in 2005, even after moving from Beijing to Zhuhai for college, in southern Guangdong Province. In 2005, he won four national championships and one regional championship, as well as a popularity contest at his university, Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai. He also was invited to sing at a Wang Leehom fanmeeting.

In 2006, Zhou Mi joined CCTV’s Challenging the Host, a televised national competition for aspiring MCs from all over China. As a representative of Guangzhou, Zhou Mi and 79 other contestants attended an offscreen training camp, learning about broadcasting from professionals and CCTV mentors. Zhou Mi proceeded to the next round easily during the 80 to 40 challenge (Guangzhou vs. Haarbin, aired May 25, 2006), and again during the 40 to 16 challenge (aired July 30, 2006).

Before the final 16 could compete, Zhou Mi received an offer from SM Entertainment and decided to put his studies on hold in order to go to Korea, where he went in late 2006.

In February 2008, Zhou Mi hosted the press conference for Zhang Liyin’s new album.


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