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friend: claire kuo
friend: da zuo
friend: deep ng
friend: doudou
friend: elva hsiao
friend: emma
friend: feng xiaofeng
friend: fish leong
friend: guang liang
friend: hai ming wei
friend: han huohuo
friend: ivy zhang
friend: jason liu
friend: jiang mengjie
friend: jia shikai
friend: jin haixin
friend: julius lau
friend: justin keng
friend: kara chung
friend: ken wu
friend: kong shengmin
friend: kwan chiu
friend: li dan
friend: ling lijiang
friend: li rui
friend: liu liyang
friend: liu qiuzi
friend: li yue
friend: lucas cai
friend: luffy huang
friend: mao wenzhao
friend: miao yuntong
friend: nicole yeung
friend: niu mengmeng
friend: sha feibao
friend: tony zhao
friend: wang jing
friend: wang peirong
friend: wang yang
friend: waterstone
friend: yuan chengjie
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